«Дождись свою любовь»: Ольга Бузова отказалась от секса на два года
The star said in an interview with men’s magazine Playboy.

Olga Buzova

Buzova is the third time became the heroine of the cover of famous Playboy magazine. The star of “House-2” frankly
told the newspaper about his private life. Olga, no
hesitating, he called himself the perfect woman and said that she had none
fault. Buzova believes that it is in great shape, and says,
what has changed over the last ten years — not only externally but also
internally. Now Buzova feels stronger and smarter. To answer
the question about his cons, she turned for help to his mother.

also initially said that I don’t, but then called the one: you yourself are not
cherish. Now I’m shooting with an injury, which he received at the concert. Need
an x-ray and lie down, but no. I promise myself every day that
be sure to rest. Well, in 80 years…” says star.

told and the personal. TV presenter admitted that appreciates honest and trustworthy
men who do not change their principles and do not substitute friends. Yourself
Buzova considers a very faithful person. To the question about what she called
the main driving force, she said, “Love.” If playboy Hugh Hefner was
alive, he would have fought with her.

I have almost two years, said Olga. — No, it’s love. Love
in all forms is key, what makes people tick and the world. And I still
then, believe it.”

itself from sex, Buzova wasted no time, she dove right in

The presenter was a little place in the reality show “Dom-2” on the stage of the Russian platform and in the Internet and Buzova
became the main face of successful channel ТНТ4. Now all the activities of Olga —
from movies and concerts to participate in different shows and Internet projects will be
reflected in the broadcast channel. The project is called “БузоваTV”.

your creativity is enough for the whole channel. Now my life will be
to monitor not only 12.5 million followers on Instagram, but 90 million
viewers across the country,” said His press service.

channel ТНТ4 Gavriil Gordeev (formerly known as the resident Comedy Club Havre)
Buzova calls the “gold content” of TNT and believes that her creativity
most certainly will raise the rating of their channel. “Given the relevance of Oli all
segments of the population of our country, we are confident that the shows with her participation will make
the channel even more popular,” — said Gordeev.