“Wait for me” changes the format after leaving the First channel

«Жди меня» меняет формат после ухода с Первого канала Alexander Lyubimov announced that the popular TV show, which aired for nearly twenty years, waiting for reforms. It is unknown at what button will show the program, but its staff have many plans and ideas for further development.
«Жди меня» меняет формат после ухода с Первого канала

At the beginning of October marks thirty years since the airing of the first program “the View”. For this reason, one of the authors of the cult transfer and head of the TV company “VID” Alexander Lyubimov gave an interview to journalists.

During the conversation with reporters the man told about the changes that are waiting for the program “Wait for me”. For a long time, which the show is broadcasted, it will have a large number of fans with dismay greeted the news that the First channel has refused beloved project. As it turned out, “Wait for me” may appear on another button.

“Yes, now we are preparing a new version of this program and hope that it will take some of the Federal channels. Now we just want to talk about how goes the search for people. For example, we have amazing volunteers. It’s the people who have their own, private helicopters that are in the suburbs. (…) In the Moscow region of such people is only 17,” – said Lyubimov.
«Жди меня» меняет формат после ухода с Первого канала

According to Alexander, the transmission has assistants in 120 countries. The man genuinely surprised by the public reaction to a TV show. “Here is the man – a former policeman, now retired, but he wants to apply his / her knowledge, skills, to participate in something important. And it’s all absolutely amazing and touching to tears,” he shared.

For the first time about changes in the program “Wait for me” began in late August. Then it became known that leading Alexander Galibin has left the project. The man told reporters that he would not renew the contract and also announced the reorganization of the company “VID”. In the future Galibin plans to concentrate on shooting movies and theatrical plays, he won a grant from the Ministry of culture.

Later, there is evidence that the First channel has not renewed the contract with the TV company “VID” on the production of new editions of the transmission. A source close to the negotiations said that the two sides had a conflict. The reason for the disagreement was controversy about the candidature of the lead “Wait for me”. In the end, it was alleged that the right person is not found. Among the contenders was the popular actor Sergey Zhigunov, but he failed the audition.

The news of the departure of the popular program provoked active discussion on the Internet. Learn about changes in the broadcasting schedule, the viewers were saddened. However, in a recent interview, Alexander Lyubimov hinted that the team draft a lot of plans, so they are not going to stop working. Thanks to the staff “Wait for me” managed to find more than 200 thousand people, reports “national News Service”.