“Wait for me” a triumphant return in the air

«Жди меня» триумфально возвращается в эфир Alexander Lyubimov, the President of the company “ВИDgital”, which is engaged in the production of the popular TV show, told about his fate. The producer has officially denied rumors about the closing and said that she will go to a different channel.
«Жди меня» триумфально возвращается в эфир

The program “Wait for me”, moved on NTV. This was announced by the President of the company “ВИDgital” Alexander Lyubimov. He published an open letter in which he shed light on the fate of this popular show and thanked his former colleagues for support – 20 years ago on the First channel assisted new project.

«Жди меня» триумфально возвращается в эфир “All these years “Wait for me” came out on a weekly basis not only in Russia. The Studio “Wait for me” worked in Yerevan, Kishinev, Minsk, Astana, Kiev. Special issues for Ukraine and Kazakhstan continue to be aired now. Together we managed to find more than 200 thousand people,” – said Lyubimov.

The producer said that in recent times the priorities of the First channel is changed. Lyubimov also explained why “Wait for me” will now go on to another button. According to him, this is due to the change in strategy of the company.

“Times are changing. The priorities of the First channel is noticeably shifted towards entertainment. This is the main reason for the switch “Wait for me” to another Federal channel. They became the NTV, which for two years really has changed a lot. New projects bring people together and often make you think about something very important”, – said the producer.

Lyubimov also praised the TV program NTV “You’re super!”. According to the producer, the show became an event this year.

«Жди меня» триумфально возвращается в эфир “That’s why NTV in the form and with the content strategy, which it is oriented today – the best of the sites for “Wait for me”. It seems to us that on NTV “Wait for me” live a new vibrant life,” said the man.

Later in mass media there was information that the “Wait for me” on NTV will be leading three, one of them will be the head of the volunteer search group “Lisa Alert” Grigory Sergeyev. The names of other persons of the project will be announced later. Will the transfer of Ksenia Alferova, is still unknown. Previously, the program left Alexander Galibin.

The host of “Wait for me” Alexander Galibin leaves the program

Informed about changes in the popular TV show the leader spoke Ksenia Alferova. She admitted she worries about the future of the program, which was stopped in the First channel. Many viewers wrote to the actress with questions about whether the transfer is closed.

«Жди меня» триумфально возвращается в эфир “How I feel about that? And how can you treat that time, one stroke of the pen the hopes of thousands of people disappeared into oblivion?! I’m hurt, I’m bitter! (…) No matter who it is, it is important that she lived to make people believe, waited and found each other! My head can not understand how it was possible to take on such a responsibility and to stop this. A kind of savagery, in my opinion. But let’s hope for a miracle, common sense, God!” – shared Alferov at the end of September.