Высоцкая, Исакова и Раппопорт претендуют на звание лучшей актрисы года
Stars nominated for the award “Golden eagle”.

Высоцкая, Исакова и Раппопорт претендуют на звание лучшей актрисы года

Julia Vysotsky in the film “Ray”

Traditionally before the New Year the organizing Committee of the national award
Golden eagle announces the contenders in various categories. On
the title of best actress, played the main role in a feature film,
expect Julia, Ksenia Rappoport and Viktoriya Isakova. And if in other
nominations you can make at least some predictions, given the obvious favorites, in
this case the intrigue will be kept until the end. Very much a strong female
roles have been played by these Actresses in a movie Year…

An ordinary fan can only appreciate the work Isakova
Rappoport, because the movies with their participation are already released. But the premiere of “Paradise”
Konchalovsky was appointed only on January 19. However, the picture is, of course, have been able
view academicians “the Gold eagle”. And not only them! The painting was estimated at
The Venice festival (best Director award) and the American Academy:
drama was in the shortlist for the award “Oscar” in the nomination “the Best film in Russian

Julia played in the movie “Ray” a Russian Princess-the immigrant
which during the war was in a concentration camp for harboring Jewish children.
Before the shooting of Andrei Konchalovsky insisted that his wife completely cut
hair so it is better to get used to the image of emaciated women.

Высоцкая, Исакова и Раппопорт претендуют на звание лучшей актрисы года

Victoria Isakova in the movie “the Disciple”

The complex role went to Victoria Isakova. In the film, Cyril
Serebrennikov “Disciple” the actress played the teacher that opposes
teen, manic keen on religion, the authorities and even favorite people. At
the play by Marius von meyenburg, which formed the basis of the script for many years
there is a performance in the “Gogol-center”. In this setting, Isakov performs the same
role, as in the picture. The film was shot in a short time, because of the coherence

Ksenia Rappoport in the film “the Queen of Spades”

But Xenia Rappoport became the new Muse of Pavel Lungin. Director
and the actress first worked with each other, the result of their collaboration was
drama “the Queen of Spades”. Ksenia played the role of eccentric Opera prima.

Unlike Vysotskaya, its rivals already have the award “Golden
The eagle”. So, 2009 was a triumph for Ksenia Rappoport. She received
the award for best actress in a movie (in the movie “Yuri’s day”), and for the best
female role on TV (in the TV series “the Thaw”). And Victoria Isakova handed
the award in 2015 for his starring role in the TV series Valeri Todorovski “Thaw”.

The ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden eagle” will be held January 27
in the legendary first pavilion “Mosfilm”.