Vyacheslav Zaitsev spoke about leg amputation

Вячеслав Зайцев заговорил об ампутации ноги Doctors had intended to deprive the designer of the limb. Vyacheslav Zaitsev was involved in a car accident, which was restored for six months. Despite the pain, the man refused anesthetic.
Вячеслав Зайцев заговорил об ампутации ноги

The famous fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev now suffers from Parkinson’s disease. This disease affects the nervous system – loss of control of movements and disturbed facial expressions. Also last year, reporters learned that the doctors found designer titanium prosthesis due to problems with the joints. However, the man said that when he was threatened with the amputation of one leg. More than 40 years ago Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was in a car accident, after which long time to recover.

“When I said I would cut off my right foot, I even humbled myself and came up with a new look. Presented in a black hat, white shirt, black glasses and with a stick I will go on Kuznetsky most. But I’ve been practicing out in his head, because he knew that to live,” recalled hares.

Despite a disappointing diagnosis, the fashion designer managed to keep his leg and restore health. Moreover, this tragedy completely changes his life and even tempered character.

“Before the accident I thought I was extremely childish. And then was able to abandon pain, in fact – drugs. Because they saw: a man lying next to me in the house, under their action, jumped out of the window. I deliberately tested it yourself then. And found that can be courageous,” admitted Vyacheslav Mikhailovich.

At the time of the accident Zaitsev was 33. For nine days he had to be in intensive care and then six months he did not leave with crutches. His fiancee Inna all this time was near him and cared for the man. Despite the fact that the lovers lived together for two years, they decided to leave. The designer realized that the girl he absolutely does not fit, although he intended to marry after divorce with the first wife.

From his marriage with Marina, the designer had a son Egor. However, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich could not get along with the parents of the chosen one – they believed that he married their daughter solely in order to solve the housing problem. In the end, after the trip, the designer is left literally on the street.

“I come from Hungary, where they made the costumes for the film, and found out that I found a replacement. Egor was nine years old. To him I was not allowed. Son thought I left him, and for a long time could not forgive. And then he had another father – a circus Director. True, and he was out pretty quickly,” he shared memories of birds with the correspondent of the publication “Express Gazeta”.