Вячеслав Зайцев собрал друзей на последнем показе The designer presented his new collection at fashion Week in Moscow. On the show of Slava Zaitsev has gathered many of his star friends, including Valentin Yudashkin, Anna Kalashnikov and Prokhor Chaliapin.

Recently Vyacheslav Zaitsev celebrated 80-year anniversary. Earlier, the man stated that on March 10, will present his latest collection at the fashion Week in Moscow. After that, the head of the famous clothing brand will be another person.

To show Zaitseva focused a lot of attention. It was visited not only ordinary viewers, but also numerous stars. So, the event appeared Valentin Yudashkin. The designer came one of the first and gave eminent colleague a large bouquet of white roses. Also, the show could not miss the longtime Muse of fashion designer Tatiana Mikhalkova. They are familiar not the first decade and all support each other.

“Glory is a real genius. You can say that I owe him my career. Remember earlier we models often went on overseas trips, showed his collection, and the Fame was not released. The government feared he would not return, as Zaitseva adored in Paris. And then, when the borders opened, the Glory began to actively go abroad, but always returned. He could not imagine life without Russia”, – said Mikhalkov a week earlier in the program, “Hello, Andrew!”.

Also among the guests of the show were seen Prokhor Chaliapin, Narcisse Pierre with his wife and daughter and many others. Anna Kalashnikova have chosen for the publication of elegant red floor-length dress that perfectly emphasized her slender figure.

The show caused a storm of emotions among the audience in the hall. Zaitsev has presented an incredibly vivid collection. The emphasis was on the accessories of different colors. The men were dressed in colorful hats and colorful costumes.

But the women’s outfits were a little more restrained. Many fashion critics have drawn attention to the fact that couturiers have relied on a combination of modern trends and details of historical costume. This feature is evident in the design of the sleeves and the bodice. The final show rabbits came on the bow along with all models. The audience gave a standing ovation to Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, who is struggling with serious illness. They literally filled up the author of a collection of bouquets.

Many fans Zaitsev admitted that it shows a lot for them meant, because the designer was pleased with their work for many decades.

“This is the end of an era! But Vyacheslav Mikhailovich left the fashion world beautiful,” “Amazing show, very vivid and memorable”, “it is Immediately evident that the man loves his job and is ready to deal with them in sorrow and in joy” – opinions of fans of the designer.

It is unknown who will take the place of the head of the fashion house after the departure of Zaitsev. Most likely, this post will get the son of fashion designer Egor, which has been helping famous father to sell all his creative designs.