Vyacheslav Zaitsev almost had a leg amputated after the accident

Вячеславу Зайцеву чуть не ампутировали ногу после аварии

Famous Russian designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev spoke with the press and talked about the fact that 40 years ago, could lose his leg. Then he was in a terrible car accident, in which suffered the limb and spine. The doctors intended to amputate the leg, but the designer did not agree. He refused painkillers and stoically endured the pain. Year took Zaitsev to recover after the incident.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev during his youth got into an accident. At the time of the accident Zaitsev was 33. Doctors diagnosed him with a severe fragmentation of the right leg, which could lead to blood poisoning. The young man spent 9 days in intensive care. Vyacheslav recommended to amputate the limb to save his life, but he did not agree.
According to Zaytsev, when he found out about the probability to lose a limb, even came up with their new image. The designer imagined myself walking down the Kuznetsk bridge in a black hat, white shirt, black glasses and a cane. But this prospect did not like young and motivated Zaitsev. He refused all tablets and trained the hell out of the head in the foot. Six months Vyacheslav could only move with crutches.
The designer notes that many people disappointing diagnosis breaks, but not him. Tragedy tempered young man and developed in him courage.
All the time rehabilitation near Vyacheslav Zaitsev was his girlfriend ina. After the accident, the couple lived for two years, but then the man threw her feet. He realized that the girl he absolutely does not fit.
Today Vyacheslav Zaitsev serious health problems. Designer suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Completely disease affects the nervous system and the person loses control of movement, impaired facial expression, weakened muscles. Often the disease threatens to disability. Now Zaitsev confronts Parkinson’s disease, but sees himself irreversible changes.
Also 73-year-old fashion guru overcome problems with the joints. Last year, Zaitsev, doctors have installed titanium prosthesis.