Vyacheslav Zaitsev admitted that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease

Вячеслав Зайцев признался, что страдает болезнью Паркинсона

Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who on March 2 was 78 years, admitted in the air of the NTV television that he had Parkinson’s disease.

I went for the first time in a sanatorium in Karlovy vary, to heal a little bit. With the legs and Parkinson’s.

– said the famous couturier and former host of “Fashion verdict” on channel one.

You know, I wished for my birthday to get well. It depresses me completely,

– continued Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

The designer also said that having pain when walking. The waters in Karlovy vary, the designer is undergoing rehabilitation after knee surgery: Vyacheslav Zaitsev, has established a titanium prosthesis. Ahead another operation.

The doctors are very optimistic. They say that I am a person cheerful, strong, and so I’ll be cool,

– shared Russian designer.

Вячеслав Зайцев признался, что страдает болезнью Паркинсона
Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disease characteristic of older people. The disease associated with the gradual death of motor nerve cells, which disrupts the regulation of movements and muscle tone, manifested by a characteristic tremor, the overall stiffness and impaired posture and movements.

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