Vyacheslav Zaitsev about violent youth: poverty, love and experimentation

Вячеслав Зайцев о бурной молодости: нищета, влюбленность и эксперименты The following year, a great designer will mark the anniversary. On the eve of Vyacheslav Zaitsev wrote a book about working in the fashion industry. The designer described how he formed his relationship with loved ones, and also admitted that once wore to a party women’s clothes.
Вячеслав Зайцев о бурной молодости: нищета, влюбленность и эксперименты

Next year for the anniversary of Slava Zaitsev. On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the designer wrote the book “Fashion. My house”, which told about the impoverished childhood, going to the women’s bath, my relationship with my mother. Before the release of the memoirs in the light of the Maestro shared excerpts with “StarHit”.

Experiences mom

“Brother, we never can be friends, and loved ones. The fate he was unhappy and heavy – several times fell to the colony. And mom all my life most of all worried just for him, for the eldest son. She was my light and my joy. We lived very poorly, was dressing I was a child that gave my mom the neighbors from whom she was removed. And this poverty has left its mark – no wonder I spent my life very frugal”.


“When my friend Valery and I went to prom in the neighboring 36th school, dressed in dresses, wearing heels, handkerchiefs, lipstick. We took the girls, we danced and not afraid of anything, although it could end up a serious fight. Women’s clothing I really liked. My mother and I went to the bath, and there I’ve seen ladies large, powerful – there was nothing, ate anything, and fat. Later, when in the 90s I began to paint, ask yourself: why I have such interest in full? Then everything fell into place – it’s from childhood, then experience.”
Вячеслав Зайцев о бурной молодости: нищета, влюбленность и эксперименты


“I didn’t misbehave, – says Yegor, son of the designer. But it so happened that was between home boys and those who are out of class without permission, went out to smoke. In short, called dad, thinking he could give me a suggestion… When he began to complain, he looked on the most active teacher and said, “did you know that with your face and figure you cannot wear a mini-skirt?” The school realized that the Pope is even worse than I, and more it is not addressed”.

Lost my panties in front of wife

Вячеслав Зайцев о бурной молодости: нищета, влюбленность и эксперименты“At the Institute I met Mary, my future wife…her Mother was a ballet dancer in the Theater of Stanislavsky, the father – a military engineer, a pilot. In short, a girl from a good family. But then it didn’t make a difference to me. More importantly, our classes are Amateur! One evening, for example, I was performing a snake dance. Invented the slim suit – vest, pants, attached to stockings. Swirling, writhing on the stage, and then on me these pants burst… laughter In the hall, and I can’t understand what happened! With the scaffolding gone, and as expected the snake was slithering away. Mariska and called me to say how she liked: it was very funny and cool.”