Vyacheslav Manucharov’s daughter returned to her father after mom died

Дочь Вячеслава Манучарова вернулась к отцу после смерти мамы At the end of last year, died of a stroke ex-wife of actor – Viktoriya Seliverstova. She was 29 years old, the woman raised her daughter from Vyacheslav Manucharov. After the death of the former spouse of Vyacheslav decided to take the baby.

In late December, Vyacheslav announced on Instagram that the death of his former wife Victoria Seliverstova. “How unpredictable life is, today I said goodbye to my ex-wife, the mother of my eldest daughter, who suddenly passed away from a stroke. She was 29 years old. Thank you for being in my life. You are forever in my heart. Take care of each other. No one knows what awaits us tomorrow,” wrote a leading online.

In October 2011, the ex-spouse a daughter Arina. Victoria raised one heiress. However, after the death of the former wife Manucharov decided to take the girl in with his new family.

The current darling of the artist Dora Nadezhdin no problem to have the child of her husband from his first marriage. Vyacheslav in the second Union were born two children, daughter Nina and son Daniel. The presenter constantly brags on Instagram the success of the kids. They get along well, cook together, play.

“Arina Manucharov, Nina Manucharov – sisters. Manucharova in!” – said touching the frame of the presenter.

In General Vyacheslav tries not to advertise personal life. The actor not showing the faces of the children and wife Dora.

According to some, Manucharov’s second wife Dora Nadezhdin American of Russian origin. The woman lives in new York and works as a pediatrician. In March 2015 the choice of the actor presented him with an heir to Nina. Vyacheslav concealed from the public the news about the new addition to the family. Journalists saw the actor walking with dochkoy Central Park. In January of last year, the broadcaster has again become the father of Dora gave birth to his son Daniel.