Vyacheslav Manucharov was christened son

Вячеслав Манучаров окрестил сына
The actor shared footage of the ceremony.

Вячеслав Манучаров окрестил сына

Photo: @manucharov Instagram Vyacheslav Manucharov

Andrew iskornev with Daniel by Manucharova

Photo: @Instagram andrey_iskornev Andrew Iskornev

Recently Vyacheslav Manucharov dubbed the three son, born in January of this year. For the ceremony, the actor chose located in the capital Church of St. Nicholas.

“Yesterday, my life was a very important event: the christening of my beloved son Daniel, All peace and love!” — Vyacheslav told.The actor also showed a photo with a grown son, are made during the sacrament. It is known that the godfather of Daniel has become a good friend of the family Manucharov plastic surgery Andrey Iskornev. The next day the actor returned to a busy touring and filming schedule.

The artist said that in the New year to become the father of many children through social networks. Fans were very surprised by the fact that Vyacheslav managed to hide the pregnancy his common-law wife — Dora the Nadezhdino. She is the mother of a two years Nina, daughter Manucharov. In addition, he has a daughter Arina from his first marriage. With a student Victoria Seliverstova he broke up shortly after the birth of the baby.