Vyacheslav Malezhik suffered a stroke

Вячеслав Малежик перенёс инсульт

Disturbing news about the health of known Russian singer Vyacheslav Malezhik. According to the newspaper Tape.Ru, referring to the words of the artist, he suffered a stroke. The cause of the crisis was peruutusehdot septuagenarian singer.

“The intensive work that I was conducting in the concert halls, radio stations, publishing houses of Newspapers and magazines, probably took a lot of effort! And I missed the dangerous attacks of stroke,” said Malezhik.
Vyacheslav shocked that at one point he could lose the ability to walk, sing and play the guitar. However, the doctors are optimistically tuned, and believe that full recovery is possible. Summed up his message Malezhik a request to pray for him.
We will remind that Vyacheslav is a Russian honored artist, who in his time played with the groups “Jolly fellows”, “Blue guitar”, “Mosaic” and “Flame”.