Vyacheslav Malezhik recovering from a stroke

Вячеслав Малежик восстанавливается после инсульта Honored artist of Russia told about the health problems. In recognition of Vyacheslav Malezhik, stormy concert activity took a lot of effort. The singer and the composer did not notice the approach of the disease, which he was forced to cancel upcoming gigs.
Вячеслав Малежик восстанавливается после инсульта

17 Feb famous pop singer and composer Vyacheslav Malezhik was 70 years old. On this occasion, the honoured artist of Russia performed a concert in the State Kremlin Palace. Malezhik showed the fans that he is in great form and full of energy. Youthful and taut Vyacheslav Efimovich delighted guests of the evening.

A few months after the resounding benefit Malezhik surprised the admirers of his music in an unexpected statement, which appeared on the eve on his official website. Music star spoke about serious health problems. As follows from the words of Vyacheslav Efimovich, he suffered a stroke. The reason was a flurry of activity Malezhik – on the eve of the anniversary, he gave many interviews and was actively preparing to please fans. Currently, the actor is recovering from acute circulatory disorders of the brain.

“The intensive work that I was conducting in the concert halls, radio stations, publishing houses of Newspapers and magazines, probably took a lot of effort! And I missed the dangerous attacks of stroke. In a moment I have forgotten how to sing, play guitar and walk. The forecast of doctors is not devoid of optimism. We live. Pray for me!” – shared Malezhik.

Due to the fact that Vyacheslav Efimovich comes to life after a stroke, he canceled the next concert in the recreation complex “Dagomys” in Sochi, and also in one of the DK Krasnodar region.

Fans Malezhik has studied his address and wished the actor a speedy recovery. They leave the musician kind words of support on social networks. “Vyacheslav Efimovich, better! Take care of yourself”, “Hold on, we are with you!” “Pray for you”, “With ten years of your work is for me something special, supports the voice in all difficult life situations. Love you,” “You will live, your songs will not be forgotten”, “This tension does not go unnoticed. Be brave, fight”, “God Forbid you to recover,” write the fans of figure variety.

Earlier in his interview with Vyacheslav Efimovich talked about the fact that they have frequent problems with pressure, especially in the nervous system. It is known that in 2006, the status of the artist has seriously deteriorated. Then Malezhik three months suffered from constant headaches and nearly plunged into a depression. However, Vyacheslav Efimovich provided timely medical assistance. The music star managed to recover thanks to appropriate medication.