Vyacheslav Malafeev leave big-time sports

Вячеслав Малафеев уходит из большого спорта The footballer decided to end his football career. Vyacheslav Malafeev will play in 15 may the final match. In order to say goodbye to the fans, the goalkeeper will do a lap of honour in front of the stands.

      Вячеслав Малафеев уходит из большого спорта

      Award-winning footballer Vyacheslav Malafeev announced the completion of his sports career. On Sunday, he will play the final match for Zenit in which he was 17 years old. During his career he was repeatedly recognized the best goalkeeper of the country. Now 37-year-old goalkeeper will say goodbye to big-time football.

      Apparently, after retiring from the sport’s famous goalkeeper will do. Malafeev now developing its business in the field of real estate. Also titled goalkeeper spoke about his intention to go to law school and get an education in law at the Academy under the RF President. He believes that such knowledge will be useful not only for their own business, but also in everyday life.

      “Everyone should know their rights, especially in our country. It is always helpful. Once it is a trend began to develop in his business, he decided that he must himself thoroughly understand the legal issues”, – told to journalists a press-Secretary Vyacheslav Khokhlov Valeriya.

      For Malafeev specialty in the field of law will become the second higher education. His first diploma he received in 2005 when she graduated from national state University of physical culture, sport and health named after P. Lesgaft.

      After completing his football career Vyacheslav can devote themselves to the work. Four years ago he revealed himself to fans as a producer and scriptwriter of the films. Not only that, Malafeev was the Creator of the picture, he also played him in a major role. The goalkeeper made two documentary in 2012 year and 2014. the main goal for him was to popularize football in Russia. “I want to make a good sports movie. Movie about football players with a difficult fate and happy endings,” said the footballer.

      Apparently, fans of the athlete that you always used to see the goalkeeper in defense of the gates blue-white-blue, saddened by this news. But as reported on the official site of club “Zenith”, Malafeev will make a lap of honor in front of the stands filled with fans.

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