Vyacheslav Butusov narrowly escaped disaster

Вячеслав Бутусов чудом избежал беды He was placed in an unpleasant situation on the road. A friend of the actor said “StarHit”, as in the early 90’s the group “Nautilus Pompilius” almost said goodbye to life. However, in the end the situation was resolved in their favor – the danger has passed.

      Вячеслав Бутусов чудом избежал беды

      If in the first year of the Sverdlovsk architectural Institute, the future leader of the group “Nautilus Pompilius” Vyacheslav Butusov’s not into music, maybe he would still be designed the stations of the local subway. Fortunately for rock fans in the late 70’s Vyacheslav met poet and musician Dmitry Mackim, creative friendship which has resulted in the 1983 album “Moving”.

      But really popular “Nautilus” began in the early ‘ 90s, when the whole country sang their hits “I wanna be with you”, “Ball khaki”, “Casanova” “Walks on water”. The music on the last song, by the way, Butusov wrote… boredom. This is in anticipation of the 55th anniversary of Vyacheslav, which he celebrates today, on October 15, said who played in the “Nautilus” on the flute in those years Oleg Sakmarov.

      “It happened in Saratov in the early 90’s, – says Oleg Adolfovich “StarHit”. – We came to play, and the concerts were cancelled – in the room where I was supposed to sing, there have been some problems with electricity. But the train tickets were bought, to leave early we could, so we had to crash in the city on the Volga three days. To sit in an unheated hotel was not only cold but bored. After reviewing all the local attractions we didn’t know what to do with themselves, and practically climbed from idleness on the wall.

      “And here we sit with the musicians in one of the rooms, idly talking, when suddenly into the room comes shining Glory with a guitar at the ready. We were surprised it elevated the mood, because two hours ago he was like us, not in the best mood. Anyway Butusov’s not one to gush with emotion, he very quiet, do not tend to show feelings of man.”
      Вячеслав Бутусов чудом избежал беды

      “And here I wrote a song, let’s try to play,” explained the Glory of the cause of joy. “From the jetty fishing Apostle Andrew, and the Savior walked on water…” – started strumming the strings Butusov, and we instantly grab the tools, trying to adapt. The next few hours passed quickly – someone was playing Butusov, sitting on the bed, someone landed on the nightstand, and someone did sit on the floor… All boredom vanished – every one of us felt that he puts his hand to something that will surely catch the fancy of the listener.

      Went to the rooms late in the evening and the next morning, not saying a word, again standing at the door of our “recording Studio” – everyone was eager to continue the rehearsal. Presentiment did not deceive us: the fans were delighted with the songs “Walk on water”, in each city, it was met with a storm of applause. Who knows, would be disabled then the electricity and heating would come to Fame inspiration?..

      Вячеслав Бутусов чудом избежал беды

      Heath gave us, musicians, even more famous, which, by the way, once even saved us from a bandit attack. In the late 90s we had a tour in Ukraine. One went early in the morning from one city to another. Everything in the van were sleeping, on an empty highway when out of nowhere appeared two cars. One car fell in front, one out back. The bus started to panic.

      “We realized such that the cars can leave the bandits shoot and Rob us. Meanwhile, they continued to “press” the bus to the curb, and the driver was forced to slow down. We are breathless with fear, stuck to the Windows and wait for further developments. In the cabin hung the anticipation of danger. Someone swearing, but Butusov in his manner – silent, though it is seen that, too, is nervous. From the rooms came waddling male – black leather jacket, shaved head. Was horrified such a all put and not blink an eye”.
      Вячеслав Бутусов чудом избежал беды

      “Mate” slowly walked around the bus, peering in Windows, and then… sat in the car and left. We were stunned: what was it? Decided that probably the guy we know and therefore not touched. In the financial sense, the famous “Nautilus” was also justified – once we even got paid in a bag from-under potatoes. However, it was in the midst of inflation in 1996, when money is devalued. The Director announced after the speech, they say, you backstage for a surprise. We go, and there is in man a bag full of banknotes. Laughing, he opened it and began to divide everyone got a bunch of money. Even the Glory cheered: where, says to put them now? More, alas, we these amounts of fees are not rowing”.