Volosozhar and Trankov revealed the sex of the baby

Волосожар и Траньков раскрыли пол будущего ребенка Famous figure skaters will become parents in late February. Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov recently learned that they have a daughter is born. According to the father, no inconvenience in connection with the pregnancy of his wife, he does not experience. Tatiana changed only in appearance, but its behavior remains the same – to act up it kept failing.

      Волосожар и Траньков раскрыли пол будущего ребенка

      Two-time Olympic Champions in figure skating Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov late the previous evening, were guests on the live broadcast TV channel “live TV”. But in the Studio they were invited not to discuss achievements in sports. The occasion was a great event that will soon occur in the family of famous figure skaters Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are going to become parents. What emotions they are waiting for the addition to the family, the couple told the host of program “All for the match!” Pavel Zanozin and Sophia Tartakovsky.

      “How Tatyana has changed? She is such a strong-willed, and pregnancy relaxes the women,” asked the father.

      “I wouldn’t say that Tanya was so relaxed. She comes to the rink, looks like I train. No whims Tanya yet, and thank God! So any inconvenience in connection with the wife’s pregnancy, I still do not feel” – said Maxim Trankov.

      Tatiana Volosozhar added that recently, they Maxim found out the sex of the baby.

      “We are expecting a daughter, – said the skater. – Put a period at the end of February. I will not modest, pregnancy me paint. I still continue to live an active life. Attend training Maxim, he also participates in the project “Ice age” on the First channel. And she go out on the ice, try not to lose form.”

      About that a couple of famous figure skaters are preparing to become parents, the public knew little more than a month ago. Tatiana makes no secret of her pregnancy and has already shown in Instagram photos, which clearly shows her growing tummy. Tatiana Volosozhar showed the grown tummy

      Recall the famous skaters who skate in a pair with each other, and became husband and wife in August last year. Event Tatiana and Maxim noted in the 02 Lounge restaurant located on the roof of the Ritz-Carlton. The bride chose a dress of Alena Akhmadullina, which looked terrific. However, due to a busy sports schedule, Maxim and Tatiana thought about adding to the family, although both of them like children very much. The couple has repeatedly said in interviews that it was time to become parents. Once Trankov joked in an interview with reporters that the Olympic gold medals they have, and still no baby. But soon the gap in the biographies of famous athletes will be eliminated.