Володина вычислила идеальную разницу в возрасте между супругами

The TV presenter spoke out against the large age difference between spouses

In our time, sixty men arm in arm with the young wives does not cause surprise. We have become accustomed to such couples. A lot of them in the business environment, on stage. However, such unions are rarely strong and truly happy. Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina canvassed the members and found out how the greatest man/woman can be older than the partner, so their relationship was long-lasting and joyful and not cause gossip.

The results of the survey, the presenter has shared on his page in the social network.

“Still, we adequate – wrote Volodin. – I mean Russian-speaking people, compared to respondents in the networks of Americans. So, summing up the results of the survey “As a young woman, from the point of view of public opinion, well be a man. Everyone will start saying “all individually” and “love for all ages” block immediately and without warning. Because first you need to understand and ponder, and then write a common phrase. We’re not talking about the particulars, and the difference in age, acceptable from the point of view of others. About that which is not perceived by relatives of the spouses as “obscenely large” or “strange”, and does not cause thoughts on account of the fact that the old sensualist deceived Mercantile jailbait. On average, we agreed that for the 20-year-old man is the age of 18. For 35 years – 28, and younger already indecent. And for the 50-year-old suit that for 41 years, but in any case not less.”

Most members agreed with Vasilisa. “My husband and I have a difference of exactly 5 years. (Birthdays are very close). Met when I was 20 and my 21 together. For us, this difference is perfect as we do not feel it. Although when he graduated from College, I was a freshman, he was an Octobrist and pioneer, but I don’t have time, he remembers the Soviet past, and I’m already struggling. In short, there are differences, but they are not global to your new life.”

“10 years max for any age. Then the interests and temperaments are different.”

“The difference with the husband 3 years, on the same page. At a girlfriend’s husband is older than 25, constantly repeats that he is happy, persuading himself and others, and in the eyes of longing… Changed the youth quality of life”.

“The husband is older than me by 12 years. He is 38 and I’m 26. I feel the difference especially against friends. He has friends older than him and their wives are old enough to be my mother and calling me a child. And my friends most are not married ,a husband who thinks the children’s garden. Alone of course, he’s a bigger baby and together we are well. Believe that the approximate age +/- 5 years thing,a good marriage.”

“I’m looking for such a pair of obliquely. Two of my friends married older men. In the first pair she’s 26, he’s 44 (married when she was 21; a difference of 18), and in the second pair she’s 25, he’s 42 difference of 17 years. Yes, both families are wonderful, the men look young and vigorous, but just until not approach their young wives) of course, girls love their men, so the difference in age and in appearance not notice, but, nevertheless, it is and others only see her”

However, there were also those who by the example of their life stories refutes the numbers. “I have difference with my husband for 23 years. And I think that’s fine,”

“My husband is 13 years older than me, I can’t feel the difference before experienced, and in each one the face and then the baby stay he’s older. But now I understand that is not a fact, and the young on the street can get “snow chump gets. I’m glad the husband is older than me, so to speak developed, and it is only interested in home and family, sorry for the girlfriends suffer with peers, betrayal, drunken friends, the house will not help, as well as boyish, he’s a man, as to throw the Laundry and underwear to put away. Look at them and I find it funny, I would have such happiness is not wanted.”

And what age difference you find acceptable?

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