Volochkova was fired from the theater and walled entrance

Волочкову выгнали из театра и замуровали вход

The dancer was forbidden to participate in the play “a man Came to the woman.”

Loudly began a career in theatre Anastasia Volochkova! The role of the learned, the scenery of the play was updated, large posters printed for the premiere. It would seem that success is assured, but there it was! Theatrical career Volochkova ends as pompous as it started.

As it became known, the ballerina will be on stage school of modern drama 30 April, and in subsequent performances of “a man Came to the woman,” too. Directed by Iosif Reichelgaus, Volochkova was suspended from participation in the play.

“I take it very seriously in everything that is connected with the creative process. And sold out on the first two premiere performances inspired me to further achievements. But what was my surprise when I learned that the Director, who praised me in all the interviews, was pleased with the work, he suddenly wanted to change my partner, two days before an upcoming performance on 30 April (bringing their personal scores with Mahovym, removing it from the role) – said Volochkova in Instagram fans. — Thus putting me in such conditions, so not for a beginner, but even for an experienced actress would have been unacceptable! I have often met in life with the betrayal, but I never imagined that overnight, two days before the show, I will betray not only the Director but also the client, whom I defended them for a long time in the current with the Director the confrontation. Sorry to know that kindness and sincere help to people turn out that way. God will judge them!”

At first the fans did not understand, what is betrayal said. After all, they have the dancer’s relationship evolved so perfectly that there was even talk about the novel broke out between them.

“And what is the truth? If our poster is assigned the play for NO REASON replaced by one in which agreed to participate my partner said… All this time I wanted to save the partner, seeing the injustice of the situation. But in the end threw me. And maybe that’s for the best”.

Even more hype have created a “bricked” the service entrance to the theater. Volochkova saw only covered with gravel the gate.

“Are unable to get to work… Bricked service entrance” – shared ballerina in Instagram “news from the field”.

Recall, this was the first experience Volochkova as an actress. Rehearsals of the play she started a couple of months ago. And role, I must say, I learned quite successfully… Two premiere performances played to full houses.

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