Volochkova Vs. Vodonaeva: who will protect the people with overweight

Волочкова Vs.Водонаева:  кто защитит людей с лишним весом

Each of us has an opinion on a particular topic. Someone like people with red hair and freckles, someone feels for him dislike, for someone bald in men is a sign of attraction, someone believes that is a direct reflection of an unhealthy body. Recently the disassembly in the social network Instagram has arranged Alena Vodonaeva and Anastasia Volochkova. The reason for the discussion was the article Vodonaevoy about people with excess weight, which she eloquently called “”fat bitch, shame on you!”: to prevent a complete woman.”

The article Alena says that categorically rejects full of people and tries to avoid them, any contact: “I don’t want to eat with them belyashi and be inactive. I don’t want to know how they smell. How they look in lingerie and without it. Do not want and have that personal right. […]Fat guy I’m going in the Elevator, flying in an airplane, I go to the same water when I am at sea — and it’s frustrating. That is true, for example, I even can’t swim if in the water or in the pool is very large. I’ll wait when he goes out.”

Article Vodonaevoy provoked a lot of discussion in the Network. Somehow, she decided to respond the former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre Anastasia Volochkova.

The dancer expressed the opposite opinion concerning full of people and insisted that people should be treated kindly, despite the fact in which they the weight: “Even if your body is magnificent forms — you are beautiful! Keep in heart the kindness! And when some say they do not go into the sea with fat people… I want to say: “and stay at home myself! Don’t judge, help! Or settle for high prices and money! But! It’s not all in my life! Not everything is bought and sold for money! It is important a person stay… But. It is not the power of many…”