Volochkova urged to pray for Kerimov.

Волочкова призывает молиться за Керимова. The ballerina stood up for a former lover, who was having serious problems. Suleiman Kerimov was arrested abroad because he is suspected of tax evasion in the purchase of real estate in the resort of the côte d’azur.

Anastasia sincerely wants to help a former lover. The dancer was met with Suleiman Kerimov in the early 2000’s. Before she admitted she very much loved the man. Now the businessman is abroad. He was detained in France by the police. According to some reports, he is suspected of tax evasion. The oligarch was able to negotiate to get him released on bail.

Anastasia is very worried about Suleiman. She left a touching post on the page in a social network in which he expressed all the feelings he experienced to the ex-chosen one.

“A lot of love binds us together for three years. It was all secret and hidden. Because happiness loves silence. It was. And it was so beautiful! I confess sincerely that I have never loved anybody in this life, as Suleiman. And loved still. And I know he loved me. This is the man who taught me to love. The man who became my ideal of courage, honor, dignity, joy, the ability to make a woman happy! And how many of those who interfere with our happiness! Because it does not forgive”, – wrote Volochkova.

At the moment, the ballerina was very worried about Kerimov.

“When this man was in trouble, I urge anyone who knows of Suleiman, to be on his side! Because Suleiman deserve it! He did much for his country! Russia! And this photo was taken in Derbent. And look! On the wood face. Let’s help together! Who than can! A better prayer. I can not remain indifferent, because the topic concerns a man whom I loved and love. If you’re with me-help Suleiman… I’m just prayers can help,” added Anastasia.