Волочкова рассказала, какая она «умелая любовница»

The program Kudryavtseva, “the Secret to a million” ballerina revealed the secret of why men love her.

About my personal life Volochkova lot of rumors. And expensive gifts, fancy cars and charity concerts across the country only add fuel to the fire.

The program Kudryavtseva “the Secret” one million Volochkova has agreed to dot the i. Moreover, spoke about what goes on behind the closed doors of her bedroom.

“I will not conceal that many men want a meeting with me. Just, happens, to communicate and to meet. But to build a personal relationship or not is my business, retorted Volochkova on a pointed question Lera. — I can say that I am a single woman and have the right to build their personal lives the way I like it”.

But Kudryavtseva has not let up. And raised the issue of flexibility. However, wanted to know not only the length of the stretch of the ballerina, but also very spicy detail: does the Nasty with his flexibility in bed.

“Well what can we say, Yes, of course, laughed Volochkova and, having added: – I think, Lera, they must either really do or not.”

In addition, She admitted that with some men, giver her gifts, she had a romantic relationship. In particular, it linked the novel with the donor luxury pearl Maybach.

“He was very interesting person. And I wanted a relationship with him,” said the star.