Волочкова пригрозила бывшему водителю расправой Ballerina is sure that Alexander Skirtach will overtake retribution. Anastasia believes that man is trying to cash in on her name and divert attention from the criminal case. However, the star does not intend to leave his actions to go unpunished.
Волочкова пригрозила бывшему водителю расправой

The conflict between Anastasia Volochkova and her former driver has been dragging on for several months. A couple of weeks ago a man gave a big interview in which has told about the harassment of a ballerina.

The indignant artist decided to respond to the charges. In the program “New Russian sensations” she noted, what really is love, but the ballerina is interested in a serious and wealthy men.

“In my house I can do anything. To have sex with whomever you want. I have fans that give me the car, gorgeous jewels, and horses, and I look at the driver? Do not tell me. I never needed”, – said Anastasia.
Волочкова пригрозила бывшему водителю расправой

Dancer noted that she has a lot of influential admirers, each one ready to fight for her attention. However, Anastasia is in no hurry to call them names. According to star, it’s very rich, which Skirtach should be afraid.

“He mixed me with dirt, plundered, and he’ll go down for it. And if he starts to call the names of my fans, the problem will be more serious. If he wants to hurt the real influential people, he will begin such problems. So he will be afraid to call them”, – said Volochkova.

According to the artist, now Skirtach trying to divert attention from the criminal case, which it brought. However, Volochkova is not going to recede. She wants to prove to the whole country, what was right, and former driver specially watered it with dirt to smear the reputation of a famous person.

As evidence Anastasia showed correspondence with Alexander. In these reports, the former driver admitted the star of love, was complimenting her. The ballerina took courtship subordinate restraint. According to Volochkova, one of these messages prove her blameless reputation.

Despite the constant scandals associated with her name, the dancer continues to tour Russia with his show. It never ceases to interact with fans, and in between patrols attends a court session in the case Skirtach. The actress hopes that sooner or later this situation will be resolved and justice will eventually prevail.