Волочкова села на шпагат в поддержку спортсменов в Рио

This time the ballerina showed stretching on the football field in Voronezh region, where he arrived with a concert.

About twines Anastasia Volochkova already legendary. The ballerina chandelier in the restaurant leg break, stretched the stern of the ship… And when it seemed that there was nothing more she surprise can not, the star suddenly sat down on the twine… on the football field. Moreover, dedicated to the famous stretch our sport exchanges at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

“A goal in our favor! Our cheer! Russia, forward!” signed glamorous blonde picture on his page in Instagram.

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Interestingly, especially for twine Volochkova football field in Povorino, Voronezh region opened at night. Moreover, to cater to the star, everywhere in the stadium turned on the lights.

“It’s a small but solidarity! Our cheer!” – said the ballerina.

“We shall!” – immediately commented fans of the artist.

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