Volochkova rehearsing a new play in an intimate setting

Волочкова репетирует новую пьесу в интимной обстановке

Soon the ballerina will debut on the stage of the Theatre, and that the invited partner home.

Novels Volochkova has always been a lot of rumors. And, it seems, will soon be another… to Rehearse his new play (premiere on 14 November in the variety Theatre, Nastia decided in a very intimate setting. And invited his partner, actor Sergei Astakhov home.

“The fire and the atmosphere of silence and comfort a creative inspiration,” he signed Anastasia photo in Instagram.

And, it would seem that the big deal is. In the end, the house to teach the text much more comfortable. That’s just fans immediately noticed how Nastya imposingly leaned on a partner and all glowing with happiness.

“Well, I think we have here is not only a rehearsal”, “Nastya, you are a super together”, “Beautiful couple,”- responded subscribers.

By the way, Sergey Astakhov currently single. With his wife Victoria and Adelfino he divorced in 2011. The actor had a daughter, Mary.

We will remind, it already the second theatrical experience of the ballerina. Not so long ago, Anastasia dabbled in the play “a man Came to the woman.” Alas, when the stage dancer was released only once. Due to misunderstandings with the Director Volochkova barred from participating in the play. But her partner said Baguim she also has developed a very close relationship. A man accompanies her on tour and invited them to restaurants. Fans were convinced that couple the novel. However, neither Nastya nor said so and not admitted.