Volochkova made her debut in the theatrical production of Frank

Волочкова дебютировала в откровенной театральной постановке

Premiere of the theatrical debut of Anastasia Volochkova took place.

On Saturday, April 2, the famous ballerina Anastasia came to the scene of the Moscow theatre of modern drama in the way “woman who is looking for her man”.

In the show called “Man seeking woman” Anastasia played a major role. Partner Volochkova on the stage became an honored artist of Russia said Bagov, and became Director Joseph Rayhelgauz.

As admitted itself Volochkova, she is quite long dreamed to try yourself in the role of an actress and when given a chance to try, very worried about how well she’ll cope: “It was my debut!!���� I was so excited!!!You can’t imagine!!� When the first bell rang before the first time in my life transfectable,which I was not a spectator and actress…but I think that this is the most exciting first call.. And when I heard the applause of our audience,a sea of flowers.. I was happy!”

Note that at the stage of Anastasia appears multiple times in underwear. However, for the ballerina in this, as it turned out, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Volochkova believes that in stockings there is nothing vulgar, but the viewer will be pleased to observe what is happening on stage, rather than looking at an empty interior.

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