Volochkova has publicly confessed his love for the former choice

Волочкова публично призналась в любви к бывшему избраннику Odious dancer still thinking about Suleiman Kerimov. Anastasia Volochkova still have feelings for the millionaire, with whom she was having an affair. Star remembered the past.
Волочкова публично призналась в любви к бывшему избраннику

Anastasia Volochkova became the heroine of the program “One day”. She showed her country mansion, the stables where her daughter Arianda engaged in horseback riding, house in a prestigious district of St. Petersburg, where she has a luxury apartment, and shared personal memories.

So housing in the Northern capital from Anastasia was born long before she married businessman Vdovin. Then her career was on the rise, and an affair with Kerimov passionately flared. She danced at the Mariinsky theatre, where she first saw the chosen one, one of the richest and most influential businessmen of the country.

“With this many trials related. When I left the relationship with Suleiman, he tried to take the apartment away. This trial lasted three years. I had spent so much time, energy and their soul… I this flat road that connected to her relationship with the man I have dedicated myself and so it’s all Holy…” says Anastasia.

According to Volochkova, she became the initiator of the break with a businessman. The breakup coincided with the beginning of a protracted scandal, Volochkova with the leadership of the Bolshoi theatre. Anastasia is convinced that Suleiman Kerimov she just took revenge. Although she still loves him.

“I still love this man… epic. But was I the initiator of the completion of the relationship. And what this entailed. The man began to retaliate,” said Anastasia Volochkova.

However, according to the official version, Volochkova has ceased to meet the professional standards, which is why it “asked”. She also told how she was threatened to stop lawsuits against the main theatre of the country. Recall that, as says the ballerina, she won the courts and got right back on stage. But it did not.

Now she is touring with an independent project and is actively microblog, her page on Instagram popular in the first place because of the constant publications of its corporate split. Ballerina doing stretching in the most unexpected places.

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