Volochkova has an affair with a partner on the show

Волочкова закрутила роман с партнером по спектаклю

58-year-old said the Bugs gave the ballerina a surprise on the road.

Despite the criticism of Anastasia Volochkova for her splits and outfits, from lack of male attention the ballerina suffers.

Cost Volochkova to appear on the stage and Shine in the play “a man Came to the woman,” as she jumped in and a new fan. This time the love of the famous ballerina smitten partner in performance – a 58-year-old actor said Bagov.

However, fans of this little wonder. The last few months the pair spent a lot of time together. Artists are serious about the process of writing the play, but because rehearsals often lasted in the mansion of the ballerina…

A few days ago said came to Anastasia on tour in Krasnodar. In sun city Volochkova arrived with charity concerts. But the actor seems to have decided to support your favorite and make a surprise…

“It’s incredible. Saeed arrived in Krasnodar from their native Adygea to meet me. A lovely evening in a cozy restaurant “Zhi-Shi”, – boasted a ballerina in his microblog in Instagram and uploaded a photo op.

Fans immediately bombarded Anastasia and said compliments. Supposedly a great couple! But artists are not yet rushing about love and publicly declare.

“Saeed is a talented, beautiful and experienced actor. It was a joy to work with him,” Anastasia responds to questions about his new admirer and, most importantly, a word about the affair.

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