Volochkova confused subscribers erotic rehearsal

Волочкова смутила подписчиков эротичной репетицией

Fans felt that Nastia is long overdue to introduce a limit on your Instagram “18+”.

Volochkova already fell into “disgrace” from moms who tried to ban her concerts in schools. Like, short dresses and “stripper” shoes – not what children need. Then the situation was resolved. But the dancer threw a new reason to talk and they posted a video of their rehearsal. Members felt movement too erotic and is far from ballet.

“After the rehearsal most enjoyable is a stretch, podcasts, roll over and smile. A very useful exercise,” wrote Nastia a mini-movie.

However, members commented ironically: “Exercise is useful in what?”

“Nastya, how sexy do you do it”, “Sex” – they wrote. Others felt that Nastya sets a bad example for young dancers: “I would Not like to have my 7 year old daughter was engaged in such exercises in the Studio.”

There were those who did and offered Nastya to install on photoblog restriction “18+”.

However, she’s a ballerina on comments does not yet reacted. All the free time she studies the text of the play “the Lady”, whose premiere is expected in November in the Moscow Theater stage. Partner Volochkova this time was actor Sergey Astakhov.

Video posted by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) Oct 6 2016 7:09 PDT