Volochkova became co-host Galkina

Волочкова стала соведущей Галкина

Ballerina came on the show “Maximmaxim”.

The list of talents and skills of Anastasia Volochkova can safely add another point. Dancer, singer and theater actress tried a hand at a new career. One day she became co-host in Galkin’s show “Maximmaxim”. Turned out she had, frankly, good.

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Anastasia came to an impromptu audition in full dress: elegant turquoise evening gown with deep neckline and bare back, stylish hair and makeup. But I guess with the outfit Volochkova missed. Since Maxim asked the dancer to do what she does best, is known all over mother Russia splits. Showcase your incredible opportunities here and now Anastasia, of course, could not. Galkin, deciding to help the guest, he brought images of the brightest of her splits on a huge plasma. He saw himself, not captured in the best angles and outfits, the dancer was offended by the presenter, saying that she has normal photos, and she’d provided them, if Maxim asked. Only a great sense of humor Galkina saved the situation. Showdown and scandal was avoided.

After that, the comedian in the image of Roman Viktyuk asked Volochkova new task – to depict with expressions of different human emotions and reactions. What came out of it, see on Saturday on the First channel.