Волочкова устроила развратные танцы в королевских интерьерах Ballerina again struck users Network bold statement. This time the actress danced into luxury apartments. Costume for performance Anastasia chose shocking – black leotard and shoes on a high platform.

Anastasia Volochkova never ceases to delight followers videos and photos into eye-catching swimwear. The actress recently returned from Turkey. Ballerina decided to show fans a fresh tan and bright dance in a black leotard and heels at home, which more resemble the palaces of kings.

“When the soul sings with joy and freedom. And home dancing mood!” – shared the ballerina with the fans.

Also Anastasia is actively sharing with fans the latest news his personal life. The dancer often expresses in the Network, as spending time what thoughts awake, where they spend their free time, share videos of their workouts. Volochkova was not even afraid to publish a photo on the Internet without makeup.

“Here woke up early in the morning, it’s not peculiar to me. Looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “What a blessing! To be beautiful, successful, kind, self-sufficient, interesting, cheerful, sexy, talented, accomplished dancer of Russia. Loving and beloved, generous, courageous, honest, open, wonderful and unique! It’s Just a holiday for you! Love yourself, be kind! You too will love. Do not worry. Sense of humor my not surpass one. I soon succumb to the heat!” – promised the artist to the fans.