Volochkova admitted that sleeps with men for gifts

Волочкова призналась, что спит с мужчинами за подарки

However, the ballerina this formulation does not like. And she says that the main thing is that they are all interesting people.

A brand new silver Maybach, furs and diamonds – these signs of attention from men, often appear in Instagram ballerina. Not to mention the fact that she lives in this Palace… of Course, fans are wondering “where is everybody?”. Nastya did not begin to hide that the men to surprise her. Moreover, some of them Nastia began a romantic relationship. Frankly on a personal ballerina told in the Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret to a million.”

“I will not conceal that many men want a meeting with me. Just, happens, to communicate and to meet. But to build a personal relationship or not is my business, retorted Volochkova on a pointed question Lera. – I can say that I am not a married woman and have the right to build their personal lives the way I like it”.

Volochkova acknowledged that personal meetings were.

“And they (men) did it nobly, through people I know, whom I trust. Or was it a formal appeal to my assistants – continued Anastasia. – I believe that to have dinner with this man did not disgrace because if a person cares about my tvorchestvo, to share a supper with him and spend time good for me.

One man, with whom we have been acquainted for three years, asked immediately about the meeting and the opportunity to spend time together and were very supportive for my children’s concert. Guys, well, so what? Slept for the money this is called? No, of course. Just the person I liked so much that I almost fell in love with him and we are friends until now”.

Raskryli Nastya and another secret. It not only helps his father after the accident (the man was paralyzed – approx.ed), but also his civil wife.

“Dad, of course, already has a pension, but every month I send his civil wife Elena on 30 thousand roubles. If not I will bear the responsibility for their life, then who else? After the surgery he can’t talk, so the needs I am informed by Lena. Now it does not work, but I don’t like the word “contain”. I’m just helping a person who cares about my father,” continued Anastasia.

In this case, Elena builds and my personal life. Recently, she married a family friend. And it does not confuse the situation in which she found herself. To judge a woman is not taken and Nastya, though later admitted to her that her situation is extremely unpleasant.