Volochkova admitted that he is not suffering from a lack of men

Волочкова призналась, что не страдает от отсутствия мужчины

The ballerina admitted that she was fine, and alone with his daughter.

She has everything: popularity on a national scale, many talents in different areas of life, interesting job and a huge house that is comparable to the castle Maxim Galkin. That’s only in personal life, in which with trepidation for several years now watching the whole country, Volochkova no stability. After her divorce from Igor Vdovin ballerina has had several high-profile novels, but the constant companion she never found. And, it seems, does not regret about it.

On his page in the social network, the dancer posted a touching picture with her daughter. Anastasia and Ariadne sit, embracing, on the floor in the spacious lobby of the house. Around lighted candles.

“That’s so touching I was greeted by the house of Arisha, – signed photo of Volochkova. — Almost cried! Our hostess, the Raya, we were released to her. And my daughter called me during my rehearsal and said, “Mommy, what do you cook for dinner?” So cute! I asked for steamed vegetables. Come home. Burning my favorite candles! Romance! I have it unreal! How good we were together! In your favorite house!”

The fact that candle lights do not beloved man, and my daughter, the ballerina did not bother. By the way, is stewed vegetables Ariadne made my mom happy vegetable salad and spinach with quail eggs.