Volatile: “On our wedding invite only family”

Летучая: «На нашу свадьбу позовем лишь близких»

TV presenter admitted that he had accepted the offer of marriage and finally happy.

Elena Volatile, recently left the show “Revizorro”, admitted that her decision is personal… And to be perfectly honest, this step has pushed her loved one.

“Yura considered, but never overtighten the blanket over to their side, just one day said, “Think of what’s best for you in life the most important thing? What do you want? To withdraw? I don’t want you to continue as it is now. Want to take care of their health. But it will support if you need it,” he admitted Flying in an interview with Woman’s Day.

And, as it turned out, for good reason. The couple will soon move to a new level…

“Yeah, we all decided and did plan a wedding, is surprised by the statement Elena. But believe, it is the unseen, now that must remain between us and our loved ones. Don’t want to make a public wedding. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. This holiday is only ours. I waited many years to meet such a man. First time accepted the offer hands and hearts. I’m finally happy.”

Recall, on the Fly change to the project came ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Olga Romanov. The girl ran out the other contenders for the casting. And that it was chosen by the producers…

Volatile, in turn, pledged to support Olga and expose her “vest”. In addition, the famous blonde will remain as the producer of the show.

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