Volatile case: Ministry of the interior against the “Revizorro”!

Летучий случай: МВД против «Ревизорро»!

Representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation called the actions of the Fly Helen and her team illegal.

Photo: press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

scandal ends with “Moscow” the season of the popular TV show “Revizorro”. Two
a half years Flying and her team inspected restaurants and hotels throughout
the country, and only in the last months, when Elena “went to Moscow”, activity
of TV with “Friday.” interested bodies. Perhaps some
efforts to put holders of the capital’s schools, which, unlike most
their colleagues from the region, not willing to accept the verdicts Helena Fly like a
truth, and its recommendations as a guide to action.

the Ministry of internal Affairs, where today for the first time decided to officially comment on
the legality of “Revizorro”, said that journalists have no right
to engage in self-inspection of restaurants, cafes and catering sector:
this is the CPS.

the organization and implementation of the state sanitary and epidemiological
supervision and state supervision in the sphere of protection of consumer rights… in our country
implementing the CPS, — reported in circulation, — the Rights of journalists to seek, receive and impart
information, visit state agencies and organizations, enterprises and institutions…
with the use of audio – and video equipment… and also check
the accuracy of the reported information in their systemic unity is not
determine the existence of a journalist any other exceptional
prerogatives peculiar to public authorities (for example, the use of coercive measures.
Neither the consumer nor the journalist is not granted authority to independently
to enter the premises of the contractor, access to which is limited.”

“The program in
the air is about three years, and we don’t really understand why such a response
appeared now, told the channel “Friday!”, — In addition, from 2014
year authors and producers of the show regularly called representatives of the interior Ministry in place
filming — when he started to have problems. However, no one never said that
the actions of “Revizorro” illegal”.