Летучая похвасталась бицепсами жениха

Leading “Revizorro” showed that marrying a man who could protect her.

The days when Flying was hiding personal life in the past. After February 14 this year, Valentine’s Day, a businessman Yury Panasenkov made Leno an offer hands and hearts, and leading said Yes, she appears everywhere in the society groom.

Fans with interest of her future husband stars. I wonder who he was the man who managed to conquer the heart of the most stringent auditor of the country.

This time Lena decided to demonstrate to your subscribers that Yura her – although where a man and can protect her from all the bullies, as evidenced by the video, which the businessman furiously pounding a punching bag! It is hard not to be scared!

“Wow, awesome sound! You had him to check to take, then it would be all the kitchens of the country would be perfect order and silence. No one would utter a word to your side dared not”, – write fans.

Flying itself is dedicated to the beloved strong man poems: “What I snow that I heat me what the rain pouring down when my love is with me.”

What I snow that I heat me What the rain pouring down When my love is with me

A video posted by Elena Letuchaya (@elenapegas) Jul 7 2016 6:14 PDT

Indeed, a strong back a man like Lena is finally able to relax and feel like a fragile woman. Waiting for the wedding. Don’t pull there!

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