Volatile and Fedunkiv intervened in the scandal flayers from Khabarovsk

Летучая и Федункив вмешались в скандал с живодерами из Хабаровска Celebrities believe that the act committed by the students can not go unpunished. The Network organized a flash mob in which people call upon law enforcement agencies to deal with the “Guadarrama”.

    A few days ago in social networks, a frame in which two girls from Khabarovsk abused Pets. They took dogs and cats in shelters, and then, using the tools of torture, beat them. All this they removed the camera, including making selfie against the poor animals. The inspection found that the students of the Khabarovsk University Alena Mayorova and Alina Orlova discussed online, how to deal with the next victim, and kept all of the photos in the Internet.

    The story of the “Guadarrama” has received a wide resonance not only in their town but all over Russia. Pictures of abused dogs and cats were removed, and the girls set up surveillance. One of them was detained in vosibirsk airport Tolmachevo, presumably, the criminal tried to fly to Saint Petersburg.

    Netizens have condemned the brutality of the students and staged a flash mob under the hashtag #ipodebookmaker. They urge law enforcement to investigate the situation. Many believe that for such bloody acts girls should be condemned. The stars are unable to stay away and put on their pages frames with a placard on which is written the slogan.

    The star of “Revizorro” presenter decided to support the action by posting on the social network photo with the inscription of a hashtag. “If these zhivoderok not going to jail, they will go from animals to people! Murderers have no place among us,” – said the leader. Its members also condemned the Khabarovsk students, expressing their views on the situation in the comments.

    “A terrible story with a tortured animals. In the soul of these people? Do they have parents? Do they have their own families? Are they capable of love and compassion? If they began with animals, then to people will pass peacefully. Sorry, a little emotional post, but I am very touched by this story” – so reacted to the incident, the actress Catherine velichenko.

    Star Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv noted that she always despised especially hard those who allow themselves to mock incapable: of children, the elderly and our smaller brethren. “Animals I really love, I have always lived cats and dogs are different species and breeds. So the story that happened in Khabarovsk, shook me to the core! And I agree with everyone who demands punishment for those “sub-humans” who didn’t just commit atrocities, but still managed to take them off and put! I’m ready to subscribe to every negative word spoken against them. But most importantly, I signed the petition on the website, and I urge you to do the same,” said the actress.