«Голос молодежи от мажоров до окраин»: 14 героев русскоязычного рэпа From Oxxxymiron, Kryptonite and L One to Purulent, Face and Big Russian Boss – “StarHit” find out whose scathing rhymes and powerful bits have become one of the most talked about in 2017. this year was unanimously voted by era of rap music: the performers competed in battles, recorded Diss, and with enviable frequency appeared in the media.
«Голос молодежи от мажоров до окраин»: 14 героев русскоязычного рэпа

Russian rap is not limited to those performers who often appear on television. Young artists of this genre called the new rock stars, their videos gaining millions of views on YouTube (in most cases, bypassing rotation on TV), and albums in a short time become one of the most discussed in the Network. “StarHit” find out who of those whose works and actions are often discussed in 2017, should know.


Age: 32 years
Place of birth: Leningrad
The most popular clip on YouTube: “the city of the sole”, 36 million views

Miron Fyodorov, he Oxxxymiron, is among the five most successful Russian-speaking rappers. The Leningrad-born with an eventful biography (travel in Germany and England, studying at Oxford, work as a longshoreman and tutor) refuses most requests for interviews, including on TV. Myron believes that artists of his genre is much more advantageous to communicate with subcultural media and develop a social network. However, in December 2015, Fedorov made an exception and appeared in the program “Evening Urgant”, performing the song “Where we are not present”.

“When I was 15, my father found a job in England and we moved again. He — a physicist, worked in different universities, and I moved with him. By the age of 15 I became twice an immigrant. (…) In 1998, I listened to the first rap album and it has completely changed my life. About the same time I started writing rap himself. By the end of University, I had 10 years of trying to write rap. For several years I was unemployed, just wrote and produced tracks. At some point, everything turned out” — shared Miron.

In 2017 Oxxxymiron began to actively conquer the West and demonstrated that there was a great and influential artist. The rapper went on a stadium tour of 14 major cities and for the first time brought the “Olympic”. In addition, Myron participated in the filming of one of the most spectacular clips of the year on the track Fata Morgana with the contractor, Stairs, blew up the Internet with Purulent battles and Dizaster, and decided on a candid interview with DJ Vlad in America. Among other things, Fedorov spoke about the manic depression from which he had problems with his studies at the University.

«Голос молодежи от мажоров до окраин»: 14 героев русскоязычного рэпа“I have always struggled with some kind of extreme mood swings. At that time, I went to different doctors, and often heard from them about manic depression, then I think the name of the diagnosis has changed. I was prescribed medication which I never took,” — said the rapper.

About the personal life of Myron not much is known. On the official website of the rapper says that he is divorced. According to rumors, the future star of the rap scene married in London in 2007, but the marriage was short-lived. At the same time Fyodorov even attributed the fascination with the soloist SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina.


Age: 32 years
Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk
The most popular clip on YouTube: “All dance elbows”, 25 million views

Russian singer of Georgian origin Levan Gorozia is one of the main headliners of the genre. The artist does not shy away from experiments in November 2017, he acted in “Crocus city Hall” with a Symphony orchestra, and the reimagined Soviet hits on the soundtrack to the TV series “Chernobyl”. In 2018, Levan is going to conquer new heights — collect “Olympic”. In the more distant future Gorozia does not exclude that it will launch its own label.

The secret of success L One – love of work and belief in yourself. Levan began to do creative work since childhood — played in KVN and in parallel tried to compose music. Being very active, to 20 years in Levan, worked radio and TV presenter, and also wrote scripts for corporate events. At some point Gorozia realized that he needed to try to achieve greater heights and moved to Moscow, where he went from being a member of the group Marselle and show “Battle for respect” to the artist on the label Black Star.

In the environment of fans of battle rap are skeptical about L’one, believing it to be a commercial artist. Pros Levan does not add to the story bottom with Occimiano: Gorozia refused to compete with Fedorov.

“In my position to go to the “versus” is to flirt with the audience, which I initially did not like. Why? But not the fact still that I will lose! As if that’s gonna come to “versus” even with us, the stars of this battle against him will be difficult,” said L One reporters.

Gorozia is not only a successful artist on the rap scene, but also a happy family man. The rapper married to Anna, whom he met while studying at the Institute. The couple has two children together — four-year-old Misha and little Sofico, which came to light in April 2017.


Age: 27 years
Place of birth: Krymsk
The most popular clip on YouTube: “Trap”, 69 million views

Once the ILO (Matvey Melnikov) started at known in narrow circles the Soul Kitchen party, speaking in the trendy hipster club Solyanka, and now he confidently stormed large areas and records duets with VIA Gras, Bianca and Ani Lorak. Mota tour schedule is painted for a few months, his name regularly appears in glossy magazines, and the songs put on the radio.

2017 was the year of the Mota one of the most important. First, the clip of the rapper and the singer for the song “the Sopranos” got 49 million views and entered top most popular video on YouTube. Second, became aware of his wife’s pregnancy Mota Maria. In a touching video for the song “When the sun disappears” the one Melnikova showed rounded belly.

As L’one, Mota often criticizes the underground community who believes his work is too accessible and “radio”. In an interview, Melnikov said that it is important for the support of the fans of hip-hop.

“I will live without attention and without respect, but if the product is worth why not Express respect? When we released “Absolutely everything” with Bianca, Gough wrote: “Cool track, didn’t know you sing”. I wish creativity came to the masses, and to underground public,” said the rapper.

Jah Khalib

Age: 24 years
Place of birth: Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan
The most popular clip on YouTube: “Leila”, 35 million views

Kazakh rapper and beatmaker Bakhtiyar Mammadov won the hearts of listeners the song “Layla” from the album “If th, I am Bach”. In 2017, the plate five times getting to the top of the iTunes chart and became the most popular release among Russian users of Apple Music, ahead of Basta and Svetlana Loboda. At the award “MUZ-TV” Bakhtiyar was declared the winner in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”, which greatly upset the young singer Olga Buzova.

“The main problem in the Russian show business that show everything to be cool. and they can of myself do not represent as musicians and performers. I’m 50: 50 and there, and here. I try not to hang out with them. Remember, I came at a premium, because still hoping to win, modestly took the award and left. I like the underground, because the most talented people, in my opinion, hip hop culture,” said Bakhtiar Yuri Dude.

Despite the fact that Mammadov continues to set itself apart from the singers, he took part in teams of concerts of pop artists, whether it’s Big Love Show or event radio LikeFM. Success hasn’t gone to Bakhtiyar head. He admits he’s a control freak and could not sleep several nights because of work. Colleagues compare with rapper L’one, who is also very responsible approach to musical activity.

«Голос молодежи от мажоров до окраин»: 14 героев русскоязычного рэпа“A cliché that I’ve dedicated tracks to the same girl. But if you listen, they are completely different sound and character, although all of them are about girls, sex, love and relationships,” said the rapper.


Age: 24 years
Place of birth: Ulan-Ude
The most popular clip on YouTube: “the Bullet-Dura”, 3.3 million hits

«Голос молодежи от мажоров до окраин»: 14 героев русскоязычного рэпа

A graduate of the journalism faculty of Moscow state University Dmitry Kuznetsov, acting under the pseudonym Husky is shy and does not like to attract too much attention. The rapper is almost not involved in scandals and doesn’t participate in battles, and his work is full of complex imagery and metaphors. Perhaps that’s why the Husky fans are few school-age adolescent more clearly the work of the same Big Russian Boss. According to Kuznetsov, he calmly relates to money and popularity. In the future, Dmitry does not exclude that will cease to make music.

Husky is not just rap, but goes to the stage — in the play Serebrennikov “Little tragedies”. In addition, not so long ago, Dmitry removed the 12-minute short film “Psychotronics”. The main role in the film played the wife of Kuznetsova, actress Alina Nasibullina. According to some reports, the couple secretly registered relationship this summer.

Dmitry is friends with the writer Zakhar by Prilepin, one of the first who saw the talent of the poet in the young man. In addition, it is known that Husky is warm Oxxxymiron, with whom he even exchanged phone numbers. Before you concentrate on work, Kuznetsov managed to change a lot of work — he worked as a loader and installer, and also earned a living as a journalist for national TV channels and copywriting.

“Inhuman Husky. Piercingly talented he is. Impossible just. Initiates its own decay. On the plane works. Why it is so powerful. The main method is not to do. And that will cease to happen. (…) On the background of Husky 99 % of Russian repercu not that died and were never born,” — wrote Prilepin about the artist in social networks.


Age: 27 years
Place of birth: lenīnskīy, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
The most popular clip on YouTube: “the Thing” with the T-Fest, 35 million views

Hook (Adil of Zhalelov) acting on the label Gazgolder Basta, in a short time was among the most discussed and important young artists of his genre. In 2015 he released his debut solo album “House with a normal phenomena”, according to many, literally changed the rap game. Listeners have noted a Moody, cinematic atmosphere, unusual sound and original recitative Adil.

In 2017 Hook has presented several acclaimed releases. In the spring came the “feast on the street 36”, devoted to money, easy women and parties, and in the fall, Adil introduced a dual, more socially focused, and conceptual release, “Ouroboros”, consisting of two parts — the “36 Streets” and “Mirrors”. According to Jalilova, he was working on new songs for about three years. In the near future Adil is not planning high-profile premieres. The contractor also stated that “he had nothing to say in the format of rap.”

“I’m lucky that I’m from Kazakhstan, had little contact with Russian rappers, and I do not digest. Because, in principle, REP, CIS, rappers is people homebrew, nerds. Where they were taken? I myself am a nerd, I was sitting at the computer, wrote the music. Ninety-nine percent of Russian rappers — boys because of the computers”, — said Hook.

The artist considers himself to be very picky and says he’s got it rough. The complex nature did not prevent Kryptonite to record a joint track with Major Lazer, collaborated with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

I wonder what Adil is the father of the little Rays that came to light in 2016. The child’s mother — a dancer Nigora. The kid lives with his mother in Shymkent. It is known that Hook tried to move son with ex-lover in Moscow, but soon they returned back to Kazakhstan.

Miyagi and Endgame

Age: 27 years and 22 years
Place of birth: Vladikavkaz
The most popular clip on YouTube: “I Got Love” together with REM Digg, 76 million views

Azamat Kudzaev (Miyagi) and Exiled Burnatsev (Endgame) from Vladikavkaz to conquer the stage in the Duo for more than two years. Last year their joint clip with REM of Digga became one of the five most-viewed videos among the Russian-speaking audience of YouTube. The song “I Got Love” brought the artists fame and a large number of new listeners.

The success of the performers was marred by tragedy in September 2017, a son was killed Azamat. Eight month old child fell from the window of the apartment located on the ninth floor. Then Kudzaev and Burnatsev decided to suspend concert activity. Later, the representatives of the label of the Duo stated that their former concert Director Nicholas Ten have agreed to performances in several cities, took the money and disappeared.


Age: 21 years
Place of birth: Moscow
The most popular clip on YouTube: “5 minutes ago”, 43 million views

Former lover Alesya Kafelnikov Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin) — a brilliant representative of the new rap scene, which is often compared to rock stars (by the way, he plans to release a full album in this genre). The young man is friends with Sergei Shnurov and highlights artists such as Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson and kid Cudi.

For all its popularity and citations on TV (in “Evening Urgant” presented a parody of the video “the wild, for example”) Holubyn rarely gives interviews and does not favor the TV show, which gives it a halo. Far more willing to Pharaoh attends the opening of the boutiques or fashion shows, flickering in the society pages. Interestingly, Gleb predicted the future of football: his father worked as General Director of FC “Dynamo”. However, the young man decided to devote her life to music and entered the journalism faculty of Moscow state University.

Last year Madden introduced the release of Pink Phloyd, described the audience as serious and deep.

“These songs sound from the torn social dynamics of a stuck Elevator. Shines a lonely star. School life is the school captains, as he sang Fedor Chistyakov 30 years ago. (…) Here has changed everything except the initiation rituals — the blood and the sperm, smoke and fire water. Full Pink Floyd. The eternal return,” wrote about the work of Gleb Sergey Shnurov.


Age: 20 years
Place of birth: Ufa
The most popular clip on YouTube: “Burger”, 16 million views

Face (Ivan Dremin) blew up the Internet hooligan viral track “Burger”, the video for which has garnered over 16 million views on YouTube. The song was so memorable to Network users that the rapper entered the top of the most popular characters among users of “Yandex”, along with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Dima Bilan. Popularity (and along with the attention from the girls) shocking performer with tattoos on the face adds to the novel with works Maryana Rozhkova (which, incidentally, also decided to conquer the music industry).

It Face introduced in wide use the phrase “Askeri”, derived from the expression “lets fet it” (“come and get it”) were among the most popular in 2017 year. Fans of Ivan admired his youthful enthusiasm and manners of a rock star, while critics believe that the young man is not an artist, a generator of memes, which soon will be forgotten.

“I don’t believe that my tracks is something bad. In many of my tracks laid social problems, I say without sarcasm, but as long as people do not understand. Tracks in the style of “Burger” tell about how I lived, but how not to live. My art was half banter. On the other hand, of course, I do stupid chatter to mock trends. People listen to the dumbest music that hits the charts,” — said Face.


Age: 27 years
Place of birth: Khabarovsk
Most popular video on YouTube: Diss on Rickey F, 4.3 million hits

The representative of the creative Association “AntiHIV” Vyacheslav Machnow (Purulent, glory to the CPSU, Valentin Uncle, Sonya Marmeladova) — one of the best BattleMech MC in Russia, but his work makes the audience a mixed reaction.

In 2017 Glory released the long awaited album “the sun of the dead”, found a number of critics too secondary. However, the Festering opinions of others seem a little worried. I must say that the young man has the ability to generate resonant reason, then the contractor will call Yekaterinburg the capital of AIDS, then compare yourself with a young Vladimir Putin. A lot of noise was caused by the attack on the Glory before the concert in St. Petersburg. And after Purulent became an expert show “Success” with Bruno Mars and Philip Kirkorov, clung to it the nickname “the glory of the CCC”. However, the rapper took this calmly and continued refereeing in the TV show, earning “best friends”.

Until the fans cut funny moments with the Glory from the vocal competition, and the most ardent critics accused him of corruption, the producers rubbing their hands because of the hype. It is therefore possible that in the future, Purulent will appear again on TV, delighting fans another dose of postoronniy on the verge of a foul.

Big Russian Boss

Age: 26 years
Place of birth: Samara (according to others, Alma-ATA)
The most popular clip on YouTube: “Who if not us” together with the blogger Yury Khovansky, 16 million views

High ricovero looking man in a tacky fur coat faux fur is a self — proclaimed Big Russian Boss, who lives in Miami and comes into contact with Beyonce a secret from Jay-Z. After the concerts of the musician, laughing most of the cliches in American gangster hip-hop, the queue of young fans dreaming of a selfie with “the greatest.” A reliable ally Boss (Igor Lavrov) — Young P&H (aka Stas Kochenkov), preferring to hide his face behind a mask with cuts for eyes.

Once the Boss has performed at theme parties lovers of trap music. From charismatic artist with a memorable husky voice quickly appeared an army of fans. In 2016, launched on YouTube show a Big Russian Boss — ironic project, a new look at an interview with famous people (from Olga Buzova and Dmitry Malikov to Purulent and Yuri Khovansky). According to some, is the Union of the Medium Quality, filmed Comedy Club and Stand Up. In addition, the Boss goes to visit a Comedy Club, and even lectures at MSU in 2016 the artist and the showman told the students of the Economics of building a successful brand in the media.


Age: 28 years
Place of birth: Vitebsk, Belarus
The most popular clip on YouTube: “Coin”, 26 million views

Oleg Savchenko, acting under the pseudonym of LSP, founded the eponymous Duo, with producer Roman Saschenko (English). In July last year, fellow rapper died suddenly that was a real blow for fans of the musicians. The cause of death of the Novel was not disclosed what triggered the discussion in the Network. Some speculated that Saschenko predicted his death in the song “Coin”.

In a fatal accident, the tragedy occurred after he released his third Studio album, Tragic City LSP, which became one of the most debated in the entire history of the existence of the Duo. In October Oleg Savchenko show Ivan Urgant and presented the video “the Body”, dedicated to the Englishman. The role of the Novel fulfilled blogger Dmitry Larin. Lyric video touched the hearts of fans and has garnered over 13 million views.

“I always thought I’d be a rapper. Our Kent went to work and said that next year for sure will be going and will write. And we lay on the couch, sat back, thought about how badly we live, and recorded a couple of albums. Me for life don’t need anything extra. Supergrace, every kind of a side topic… my Family is lousy intellectuals, nothing supernatural. Rich Kent has never been, mostly outcasts and freaks. Had the money to buy in the store halvah, sausages — all”, — said Oleg reporters.

Max Korzh

Age: 29 years
Place of birth: Slutsk, Belarus
The most popular clip on YouTube: “Small grew up”, 29 million views

Despite soaring popularity, the Belarusian pop singer Max Korzh still looks like a guy from a neighboring yard. Artist speaks language that is understandable to the masses, which is confirmed by the titles of his songs – “Small was postroll”, “Optimist”, “Word boy” and “Napalm”. However, Max is willing to mix different styles, receiving the output of heartfelt songs with a lyrical, memorable vocals. The fans believe that he teaches you how to be the “right” guy who will always shake hands with the other. Max knows what he’s talking about – he is an exemplary family man and claims that rose without connections.

“Parents would always take me to work and somehow hold. But I tried to make my own. He came to the University, without the clout and connections, he struggled with his songs. Despite the disagreements that arose between us, they always helped when I asked them about it. And at the time gave me complete freedom of choice, and that influenced my life. I am thankful to them”, – shared with journalists Max.

This article used materials of the “Daily Posters”, The Flow, L’officiel and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.