Vodonaevu and Brezhnev brought up the conflict in social networks

Водонаеву и Брежневу довели до конфликта в соцсетях As reported by TV presenter, singer blocked her on Instagram. The reason for the quarrel between the celebrities was a recent post Alena Vodonaevoy, in which she criticized the Russian show business, without naming specific names.
Водонаеву и Брежневу довели до конфликта в соцсетях

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva – active user “Instagram”. In his microblog star often shares his thoughts with followers. Recently revealed that one of the publications celebrity was the cause of her quarrel with singer Vera Brezhneva. The post Alena, in which she criticized the Russian show-business, although no specific names have been cited on many resources.

Some Internet users began to put forward versions who spoke Vodonaeva. Spiteful critics have attributed to the TV star criticism of Vera Brezhneva. Similar rumours had reached the woman herself. As a result, as reported Vodonaeva, the artist blocked her on Instagram.

“I think where I Vera Brezhneva ribbon go away. For many years it signed. Liked the art, liked to look at beautiful photos. Gaining her account – I in the block. Hmm… Puzzled, I called my Director with the question – maybe I do not know? And it turns out that various (…) sites and the public have taken away my post about the singers and the girls from show business, I’ve pulled out of context, made up articles and filed as “direct speech” Vodonaevoy about Brezhnev,” shared leading microblog.

In its publication the woman also quoted from the resonance of the post. Vodonaeva said that did not go to the person and talked about common situations in life and show business.

“We live in a country of double standards. In a very contradictory society. In which the girl, who in twenty years has participated in the reality show and met up with the boys in sympathy, will be respected less than a girl, a lion in twenty years in the women’s team, (…) sleeping with a married producer (singer, Director, businessman, man, in General!) or more trenchant – took him from his family! Yesterday talked a lot on these topics with Cemal. The hypocrisy and prostitution, diligence and honesty to oneself and to others,” – wrote at the end of June television presenter.

We will remind also that recently Alain Vodonaeva hinted subscribers of the imminent change in marital status. The star shared footage taken at the registry office. Fans speculated that it plans to formalize the relationship with the chosen one – known DJ Alexey Cosine. They immediately began to congratulate Vodonaevu with the upcoming event, however, is the celebrity chose not to comment on speculation the public.