Водонаеву обвинили в неэтичности за пост о полных людях
The TV presenter was justified in front of fans.

Водонаеву обвинили в неэтичности за пост о полных людях

Alena Vodonaeva

Alain Vodonaeva for many years in shape, promotes
sport and healthy eating. And recently, TV presenter boldly admitted that he does not respect
full of people.

“I always do exactly what I want — shared
Alena. And always choose only what I like. A single step in
this life I did not, deceiving yourself or pretending to be in front of him. And I respect
only those that I love! To everything. To yourself, first. I
understand others, all happens in life… but not respect. Similarly, it is not
respect full people…. Do not just about completeness because of illness, and that
started already. Everyone understands what I mean! Don’t care — no respect! Point!”

This revelation caused a wave of indignation among readers of her page in social network: fans
the presenter hinted that in relation to people with overweight to put it mildly, not ethical.

After such a message Alena softened its tone, explaining that before
take care of yourself and your health.

Alena Vodonaeva

“For some reason most of the comments reacted to it
statement about fat people, — says Alena. — Quite predictable. Although there was not only
about it. But the lazy-more… Know why I said that? Because
me with exactly the same demand. Even tougher. On the other I do not care. Eat
health. Sausage with mayonnaise. And this weekend don’t forget all this alcohol
polishing. You can call me whatever you want, I don’t care. Real
life we are unlikely to meet. And with the commentators with the primitive
thinking we will never find common ground… I’ll just say this. All my
friend think that they are fat! No bread is not relaxing… I watch only for yourself and your child.
Which is the same as my brother in childhood, does not know what
sausage and soda. Food culture is a discipline. No licentiousness
and debauchery. I respect the first Love…
yourself! About sex, I generally keep quiet. Can’t even imagine how it looks when you
the girl is slightly over 70-80 pounds And do not want to imagine to be honest. This is fu!
Full boyfriend I never had. And never will be. A man should be
solid. Everywhere!”

The opinion of fans was divided, some went on to condemn
Vodonaevu. Of course, there were those who thanked Alain for such a “kick” to
healthy way of life.

“So many girls have written to me of gratitude for my kick,
when I mentioned full of people, — says Alena. — As
“thank you” I received. In addition to “thank you” poured out on me a lot
negativity and insults from people who did not understand what I mean…
unfortunately you’ll never understand. Some wrote: to look good
need money for sport and for food. Girls walking on the street walk
for free! And my favorite buckwheat, lentils, carrots and other simple products
are inexpensive. In the end, earn! It’s fun to make!
To fulfill the dreams. You only live once. I enjoy listening to what many of you inspire
and motivating. By the way, I am also inspired by a rather rigid form of submission.
Baby talk will not work for me. And more! If any of you does not respect women
with hair extensions, nails, pink panties and homemade cactus, it
your right! And you can write the whole sheet of negative posts about them on
your personal pages. Feel the difference? I’m talking about education. In
my environment is the people. Friend, acquaintances. And believe me, I love
them. The human qualities, for fat, in the end. It was only about
respect! You know what I mean? Anyway, enough already about the fat and fullness”.