Vodonaeva meets with her lover, while son sleeps

Водонаева встречается с любимым, пока сын спит

TV presenter admitted that on a date with her future husband she dedicated time after 21:30 when her child goes to bed.

Alain Vodonaeva considers himself a very strict and responsible mother. All my free time is devoted to son, carefully watching his discipline. According to the popular presenter, a child from birth goes to bed at the same time at 21:30. And after that, you can devote time to myself.

After divorcing her husband she had a few short novels. Only on 1 April last year Alena got acquainted with Anton Korotkov and this time fell in love seriously. Even going to get married!

But love is love, and the son is unbreakable. Moreover, Alena fundamentally involves the child in their personal Affairs.

“Anton we live so far into two apartments, – the TV presenter admitted in an interview with Woman’s Day. — After the divorce, we agreed with ex-husband Alexei, the son Bogdan will not be privy to our personal Affairs. Male friends I always had a lot, and Bogdan know them all. And if someone became not just a friend, the son didn’t know that. And her ex-husband, of course, there are girls, but they are more for dad than a friend, the son does not know” (read more here).

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A very delicate approach. He has only one drawback – when in this case to date? Night, said Vodonaeva.

Bogdan strictly at 21:30 he goes to sleep. To sleep it I always put. Sing a lullaby and Pat on the back. It’s our tradition. And he knows that mom is home, she’s close. But when the son fell asleep, I can go somewhere with Anton, or he comes to me. Our Bo flat is specially made so that is divided into two parts – male and female. That is my and Bogdan. We share the hall, library and nanny room.

When our affair first started, the nights we fell in Gorky Park, restaurants. Just walked around Moscow. Now, when Bogdan is the father, I and Anton live with me. We also often stay over at Anton. About somewhere to finally move, we have not yet thought of, and so we are satisfied. Bogdan met with Anton, when we were just mates. So for a long time he was sure that Anton is a friend. And recently I told my son that Anton proposed to me. Bogdan first, I was jealous: “why, I’m going to marry you”. All boys in childhood wanted this. But I said, “Why do you have a wife over almost 30 years? Grow up – you will find yourself younger.

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