Водонаева набрала вес, но обещает похудеть через неделю

Alena complained that a week did not go to the gym.

“Train – divine! Missed a week of training plus eating endlessly. And it shows, unfortunately. Although there is, fortunately, much! In exactly one week we’re doing the same, only this time with abs and twice already” – appealed to fans of the star and put the proof to his words candid shot.

However, fans with humor reacted to the message Alena, suggesting that the 34-year-old Vodonaeva.

“Nonsense, everyone should be so”, “you Have a press, and you have all cool” “And the stomach-that is normal! You can once a week to eat more of the former. Alain, good for you!” – showered with compliments Alain followers.

Indeed, in the picture with the perfect abs is difficult ragsdell at least one extra pounds.

Recall that recently the TV presenter has again been suspected of plastic surgery. The object of the dispute was the picture of sultry Alena posing in transparent sea water, but to look her in the eye does not want, because first, the attention attracts the unrealistically large Breasts size!

How to do a selfie: method Vodonaevoy – read here.

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