Vodonaeva – for the first time about what makes a glamorous life

Водонаева – впервые о том, чем зарабатывает на шикарную жизнь

The TV presenter finally revealed his secret business.

After the ex-participant of “House-2” disappeared from television, fans overcame her. Leading allows himself to expensive purchases, such as a new car, fancy clothes, but it is unclear what means! Alena finally placed all points over i.

Some netizens were convinced that the beauty of living on the money her ex-husband Alexei – father of her son, Bohdan, and occasionally boasted about leading it. Others have suggested that Vodonaeva earns only advertising in Instagram. And everything was wrong!

“When you read in the media that live on alimony ex-husband, it makes me laugh, – said Alain in an interview with Woman’s Day. — This money in my requests and habits of me is enough for two pairs of shoes. Besides, it means child, and I spend it on a nanny and the sports section. Support from Alexey – a fairly standard amount, especially compared to how I used to live after the divorce. That’s when I started to afford everything you want, buy what I want, and have what you had in marriage. We with the former husband different attitude to money. It is more strict, not wasteful, likes to count, and I never know how much money in your wallet. Everything is always right and left. Live for today, and is convinced that when you give, life to you in three times the amount of all returns. As it turns out. My wife’s brother has a business that makes good money. Already three or four years we have a jewelry store, and already fairly well-known clothing brand Religion. And own apartment I have bought in 23 years, when he was at the “House-2″. Now plans to buy another apartment. Crisis is the time I fell real estate prices!”

Well, the ability to earn Alena can only envy white envy.

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