Vodonaeva dismissed the groom c posts of its Director

Водонаева уволила жениха c должности своего директора

In addition, Instagram stars lost all their pictures.

For the past year, as Alain Vodonaeva goes to the brides. Her partner Anton Korotkov proposed to her back in the summer of 2015. And although the wedding couple is not in a hurry, they traveled extensively and even worked together (Anton became a Director of Vodonaevoy).

But it seems that on the days Alena decided to take a break. The media personality has hired a new Director. And from her Instagram disappeared a joint photo with her boyfriend.

“Honestly, we swear steadily once a week, but then reconciled, so as to live without each other can not. You know when people spoil relationships due to infidelity, betrayal. And we quarrel over little things, – Vodonaeva admitted in an interview with “StarHit”. — In August during a trip to Barcelona, a conflict broke out over a chair. We, together with Bogdan came to the Playground, there was a plaque with the inscription: nothing to rearrange. I don’t remember why, but I asked Anton to move one of the chairs. He refused. And off we go. Eventually returned different planes. Son explained that Anton’s case.”

Alena admitted that their relationship is far from perfect.

“We can argue another 150 times and the same make up. I will not lie, the relationship is not ideal, ” continued Alain. — I do a lot of poking around yourself, visit women’s training, trying to understand, I may be capricious. Or should we pass this way, to achieve harmony? Maybe next year all disputable issues will be solved peacefully. Yes, we are different, but love each other, can’t sleep without perepletetsya feet and hands in bed.”

Fans, knowing the complex nature of Alena, suggested that this time all will end happy end. Meanwhile Vodonaeva this time decided to use efficiently. And agreed to hold a new show about mysticism on the channel Ru.tv.