Vodonaeva: “Alimony husband is one post in my Instagram”

Водонаева: «Алименты мужа равны одному посту в моем Instagram»

Tired of the criticism, the media personality decided to show everyone his wallet and said, where did it come from money. But at the same time advised the detractors less envy and more work.

That Alena Vodonaeva with a sharp tongue, has long been known. But this time she surpassed herself. A couple of days ago she wrote about how difficult it is for her to cope with household chores without a nanny, I’ve got to cook porridge son. Having a portion of hard-hitting comments on this sentimental wailing, and the presenter broke down and bitingly replied to all the spiteful critics.

Expressions for response Vodonaeva did not choose, immediately calling commentators “lazy women”.

“Read comments about the nanny – says Alena. — And wonder how the women (that’s women! Not women! Women stupid comments don’t write, they are busy with their lives) clucking concerning 7 am and nannies. You know, I organized everything in my life so that I in the morning a porridge restaurant. And? Organize and you cute. What is stopping you? Around me everything exactly as I need. I’m a great hostess and love order. That is why I order. And which hands you create already a private matter. His well – earn to strangers – even better. Respect! Develop and improve your life. The limit does not exist. And I’m like, go in the direction of “even better”, I want more for my living”.

Alain often reproach the fact that his beautiful life she owes the child support that her son contents lists ex-husband. Vodonaeva answered these claims.

“When someone writes about the alimony ex-husband, I am always very cute smile. Let me once and for all reveal our Bo alimony. You understand, all the way up to the driver for his son, Alex, we paid half. And the child support amount per month equal to one promotional post in Instagram or is ¼ – 1/5 part of one of my commercial shooting. The apartment I practiced on my Porsche, I also I earned myself. I hope that the issues and silly speculation no more.”

At the end of his fiery speech Vodonaeva gave advice to the detractors:

“Now, what am I? To the fact that instead of having to take other people’s money, you can start to earn them. We live in a world of opportunities and money. Nobody stops you, except yourself, to discipline yourself, to be healthy, beautiful and successful. Nobody forbids you to live as you want. Look around you. This is what you deserve and have earned.”