Vodonaeva admitted to the betrayal of a close person

Водонаева созналась в предательстве близкого человека

Name Alena did not call, but fans immediately decided that it was about Ksenia Borodina. After all, the girls abruptly stopped talking.

This year was Alena productive: new photography and big plans for my own business. But on the personal front, alas, is not so smooth. The star broke up with her fiance Anton Korotkov and quarreled with friends. But if in a relationship with Anton all the i’s for a long time apart, that’s about the altercation with his girlfriend Alena spoke just now.

“Prehistory is that once one friend of a pregnant lady complained to me about my husband, the loser. We spoke with voice messages. It is direct and told: “he Sucker my husband sucks”. I in order to appease the hormonal friend, with nothing better to do than to cite the example of my friend. Let’s call it X. having Said that… here “Vitek yours (let’s call it so), maybe something goof, but the guy is good, and most importantly, family. Look, they say, far Aloha miss H. He walks, what he wants, and does, and, as a consequence, does not respect his woman, just all know about it. Well, what’s better? True Loh or alpha-traitor?“ Remind: voice messages! Pregnant, much to my chagrin, turned out to be a woman are very sneaky and found a way to send my voice message to my friend. Why? Yes, God knows. It seems to help the person seek, inspire, give advice, keep a family, but here such an unexpected slap in the back… Naturally, that friend asked me: “Alain, you said? And what the fuck?“ And what can I say to her. The last thing I wanted to touch truly native person. And indulge in excuses did not. Answered honestly! Yes, it was. My bad,” he shared on Instagram telediva.

At that, Alena continued that for the act she was not ashamed, as a friend was discussing her past relationships. Moreover, gossip in the women’s conversations Vodonaeva thinks it is normal.

“Then ask yourself: do I feel ashamed for my action? No! Because I know that a friend discussed over the years of our friendship, my relationship and me. It is in General normal. I am a sane person and understand that women’s history and the conversations sometimes leave a light trail of gossip.”

And although all the characters in the story remained incognito, fans suspected that we are talking about Ksenia Borodina. That itself somehow on emotions confessed to the infidelity of the husband (it is true, then the post is still deleted), and the girls abruptly stopped to chat.

It should be noted that Allen at this time all the speculation fans have been left without answer.