Водянова собрала миллион евро для детей с особенностями

29 may in Moscow was held a charity race organized by the Fund “Naked heart” Natalia Vodianova and Podium Market company. Correspondent to Woman’s Day visited the scene.

From the outset, the weather forecast foretold rain, but in the end the day was great. The sun shone from early morning, there was the real summer heat, but people in the starting zone despite it kept a good mood, smiles never left their faces.

All because the race was not just a sporting event. His goal is not the finish line, and collect donations for the development services early assistance of the Fund “Naked heart” – that is, to create a network of free support services for families raising children with special needs aged 0 to 6 years. Support, based on modern, proven, approaches of psychology, pedagogy and medicine, is continuously available for more than 300 families and will help children with disabilities to integrate into society and be successful in the future.

So from the unbearable heat, which caused even those who just come to watch the race, never had a chance to spoil the event, and his motto was the phrase “Run with purpose”.

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The start was scheduled for 10:00, and already in the morning the area in front of the stage was filled with people in running gear. Leading the event on stage was energizing and helped the audience to finally Wake up. At 9:30 started warming up under the guidance of experienced instructors. Runners warmed up muscle so the running was comfortable and there were no injuries.

Participate in the race, volunteered 10 thousand people. University square would be more crowded, but the organizers were forced to close registration: the site could not accommodate an even greater number of people. I must say that Tsyfra impressive when compared to last year, when participants were only 1.5 thousand people.

Among the participants were as many stars of show business and sport. Olympic and Paralympic Champions, artists and actors, singers, journalists, heroes, gossip — they all gathered to draw attention to the problem of sick children and to contribute to its solution.

Not only appeared the main character of this day Natalia Vodianova. The model was not able to attend the event, which gave its life, as is expecting their fifth child any day now. Justifiable reason, so she had no one is offended.

After the warm-up, participants went to the starting line, along the way receiving a special bracelets with sensors. These electronic devices need to record the distance traveled and the time in which runners overcame it. The race, though charity, but for the fastest rewards were in store. Like in a real sport!

And here is started. Team Coca-Cola and other participants are deleted in the depth of the Park, and kick-off site becomes surprisingly not crowded. But no less fun.

The first runners crossed the finish line, chose the 5-kilometer distance, half an hour later and started to finish conquerors of the 10-kilometer journey. One and all were flushed from running, someone immediately began to do a commemorative selfie, and someone fell to the ground and could not catch my breath. But the mood is still all high. Those who ran all the way from start to finish was awarded the medal of the heart.

An hour later, after the finish, the organizers and the guests prepared for the announcement of results and awarding of winners. But first, the co-owner of the boutique “Podium”, socialite, a trendsetter of fashion trends, is one of the most influential women in the world of Russian fashion, Polina Kitsenko thanked all participants and the race partners for their sincere support and participate in the second charitable marathon “Running hearts”. And the good news is the donations — more than 37 million rubles!

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