Vodianova named her son in honor of his grandfather who fought

Водянова назвала сына, в честь воевавшего деда

Stars thinking about my family, which we owe to the world.

May 9 – without pathos – the most important holiday in our country. There are no people who would have watched the parade without pain somewhere in my stomach: genetically inherent fear experienced by our grandparents and great-grandparents, relieved that they were able, regret dead. May 9 everyone remembers relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war. And even if some have been living abroad, they still try to pass on to our children a deep sense of gratitude.

Natalia Vodianova, for example, shared on his page in social networks a photograph of her son, who was named after his grandfather who fought.

“Victor, my second son, was named after his grandfather Gromov Viktor Rashnikov, a veteran of the Second World war. Grandfather went to war at age 16 and served as a radio operator on a submarine. After the war in peacetime for another 5 years, participated in the demining of the Black sea. Little Victor is the living memory of the grandfather”, – wrote Natalia.

“My grandparents and my father’s, and on my mother’s side were also at the front who where! Grandpa Sasha drove the truck with supplies and weapons throughout the war, Grandma was preparing food for the front! Write stories about your loved ones!!! Let as many people as possible will read them!” – encouraged fans of the singer Yulia Kovalchuk.

“My mother’s father, Muchkaev Vladimir, my grandfather ! Started the war in the guerrilla army, after which he transferred to the army and rose to the end of the war, receiving the ORDER of the RED STAR! Pride and eternal memory! Thank you for the fact that we can live life to the fullest and raise our children in the world! We will not fail!”, – picked up the baton and Polina Gagarina.

Spoke about the history of his family and journalist Ksenia Sobchak:

“My grandmother Valentina Khlebosolova – stolen prisoner at the age of 16 years, after liberation by Soviet troops she worked as a translator in occupied Soviet rate German town, where my grandfather by that time it was the commandant. Grandfather, Boris Moiseevich Narusou, went through the war, were injured, Victory Day celebrated in Berlin… returning from the war in Bryansk, raised two daughters, have lived together the whole life… Eternal memory… Thank you for life! With A Holiday!”, – said Xenia.

And you already told the story of his family? Please comment, write in social networks that shout at every corner. All in order to remember

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