Vodianova, Joe, and Zakharov: how the stars celebrated Easter

Водянова, Пугачева и Захарова: как звезды отметили Пасху Celebrities met the bright holiday of Christ’s Resurrection. How have you spent this day well-known people as painted eggs and in which the temples were covered cakes – read the review of “StarHit”.

For Orthodox Easter, perhaps the most beloved and long-awaited holiday. Together with Easter Sunday comes the real spring, it becomes warm and happy. To Easter – the celebration of new life – are prepared in advance. Lent lasts 7 weeks and ends with Holy week, where believers fast, especially strictly and thoroughly preparing for the holiday. For seven days they cleaned the house, painted Easter eggs, cook Easter cottage cheese, and on Friday – bake cakes. According to Christian tradition, on Saturday, the Annunciation, the faithful go to the temples to pray and light up Easter treats.

Among domestic celebrities many those who honor the Christian tradition, and despite the active creative activity, and fasting, and on the eve of Easter going to Church, and the feast meets all the rules, even if is in another country.

So, Natalia Vodianova with husband Antoine Arnault and children met the bright holiday in Paris. On the eve of the Annunciation, the supermodel is in the company of children and spouse covered Easter cakes and painted eggs to the local Orthodox Church. Photography, like from the pages of the magazine, Natalia shared with your followers on Instagram.

“Ready to celebrate Easter!”, signed supermodel Natalia Vodianova your post and added the translation of the phrase in English.

Easter Alla Pugacheva and her younger children were prepared without husband and dad Maxim Galkin – comedian now touring the cities of Russia. Star kids Lisa and Harry took an active part in the preparation of: painted and otherwise decorated Easter eggs – a girl in pink and red shades, boy, as expected, in the blue and blue. Touching video as it was happening, Pugachev has published in his Instagram on Saturday, and on Easter shared another video, which Lisa sings a song dedicated to the blessed Resurrection. Maxim Galkin also congratulated all with the holiday picture of their children.

The movie and theatre actress Elena Zakharova, who last year became a mother, a deeply religious person, fasting whenever possible, and always observes the festivals of the Church. In the Annunciation Elena covered the cake in the Temple of the Resurrection of the Sretensky monastery and there on Easter night took part in a Procession. Vigil here is special because it runs under the local voices of the choir, the best in the country.

“With the holiday of Light Easter! God’s grace and prosperity to all! Thank God for everything!” – posted by Elena Zakharova.

Easter is a big feast, which was especially nice to meet with the relatives, friends and loved ones. Dana Borisova, which is currently not the easiest period in my life – she is undergoing treatment and trying to get rid of the consequences of the use of illicit drugs, and rarely see my daughter (10-year-old Pauline now lives with his father), the holiday was happy. The presenter managed to spend a bright weekend with your beloved child. Your emotions, Dana shared with subscribers in the microblog.

“With Easter cake and cake from went to the temple with his beloved daughter Valeriya, my angel. The cake was left in the Church, and Easter took home. I’m happy all of You, my favorite, Happy joyful holiday and may God bless you in this holiday to be so happy and with the same peace of mind as I have,” wrote Dana Borisova.

The Golden voice of Russia Nikolay Baskov met the Resurrection of Christ in Orthodox Greece, on the island of Corfu. Here the holiday is celebrated especially widely, and the end of the procession Herald the beautiful fireworks.

Nicholas congratulated their fans three times, and also showed how cooked the lamb in the village of pelekas for Easter lunch. Members of the singer congratulated your pet back, and also wished good health and happiness.

Igor Nikolaev is also celebrated in the family circle. The singer shared a personal photo, a set table next to him the closest – wife, Julia, daughter Veronica and her mother Svetlana Mitrofanovna. It is, in the words of Nikolaev, and prepare the main meal of the festive table – brought-lit cake, Easter eggs.

“Came mom brought a cake, eggs and cheese Easter! Nick enjoyed it! Us too! With a holiday! Peace to your families!”, – signed photo of Igor Nikolaev.

The pregnant wife of footballer Dmitry Tarasov, a former beauty Queen Anastasia Kostenko congratulated his followers on Instagram status to “single” photo. On Sunday, Lokomotiv Moscow, whose honor defends Dmitri, played an important game with FC “Rostov” in the “Premier League” and therefore the Holy Easter holiday the expectant mother met one.

“The soul rejoices, because today one of my most favorite holidays! I congratulate you on the Great Miracle of Miracles, with the Resurrection of Christ!Love, light, insight, inspiration, health and peace”, – signed photo of Anastasia Kostenko.