Водянова поддержала российских паралимпийцев

The supermodel expressed in social media about the removal of Russian Paralympians from competing in Rio. And backed up his statement sharing photos with Olesya Vladykina, Russian swimmer, two-time winner of the Paralympic games.

Olesya lost a hand a few years ago got into a terrible accident on holiday in Thailand. That day she lost not only her arm but also a best friend who died in that ill-fated bus. But not broken, not myself, and came to the pool (before the tragedy for many years she was engaged in swimming, was a master of sports). Hard training paid off: she became the winner of the Paralympic games in Beijing, four years later, won “gold” at the Paralympics in London. Wanted to go to Rio, but…

Olesya, as well as Natalia Vodianova, the Ambassador of Paralympic games in Sochi. And she never shared the words of the famous supermodels on the resignation of Russian Paralympians from the most desirable for every athlete start.

“I would like to encourage you to share words of support for Paralympic team of Russia, – said Natalia to their subscribers. — It’s hard not to be impulsive in connection with the suspension of the Russian team from participation in the Paralympic games. I am not going to condemn the decision of the International Paralympic Committee, but let me say that the suspension from the Games one of the countries will leave an imprint on the Paralympic movement as a whole. Paraclete worldwide discouraged by what is happening, worrying about his friends from Russia. Paralympians are people, inspiring us to never give up and don’t go on about the circumstances. And I am sure that our athletes will once again show an example of dignity and fortitude. I ask all of you to share words of support, love, and faith in the power and triumph of our heroes. Whatever is going around, they are heroes and continue to inspire us. Their possibilities are endless!”.

Natasha’s mother, Larisa Viktorovna, raising a handicapped daughter Oksana, from the decision to remove our team from the Paralympics was in shock. “Hearing this, I burst into tears,” she said. — I know that for Natasha, this news was a real blow and very spoiled her mood on vacation: daughter now rests with the whole family. Know that difficulties only strengthen the power of the spirit. Our Paralympic athletes have already suffered a lot and managed. Believe that they will have the strength to endure this injustice.”

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