Vodianova has angered the comic, ridiculed the sister of a disabled

Водянову возмутил комик, высмеявший сестру-инвалида

The supermodel, mother of many children and founder of the charity Fund “Naked heart” asks all concerned to sign a petition demanding from the American Harry Owen to publicly apologize to all people with developmental disabilities.

“Dear, this is a post action, the moment when together we could do something real to combat overt discrimination. This story happened in the US, but this is the case when geography is irrelevant, because injustice and evil, has no borders, no nationality,” the beginning of your message Natalia Vodianova in the social network.

And then described how Harry Owen publicly made fun of the first intimate relationship of his cousin with a disability…

“…Comedian Garry Owen delivered a monologue about his cousin with special needs, talking about how he was shocked to learn that she had with someone in a sexual relationship. He mockingly describes how he imagines, grunts, makes sounds, just mocks his cousin and over all people with disabilities in General recounted his alleged years of volunteering for the organization “Special Olympics”. Taking part last summer in the Games, talking to awesome light people, and athletes from all over the world and from Russia (in Russia the organization “Special Olympics” one of the most numerous, and the “Russian national team” one of the strongest), I can say that such narrow-minded people like Mr. Owen, to look for more,” wrote Natalia posted a link to the speech of Owen.

Also supermodel and philanthropist recalled his younger sister, Oksana and all of their friends who have been diagnosed with “autism”: “I believe you will understand my pain, the pain sisters beautiful young girls with special needs – my Oksana, and with it the pain of thousands of families who are still being subjected to public humiliation both in this country and around the world thanks to people like Mr. Owen.”

Natalia Vodianova posted a link to petica that requires the comedian to apologize to all people with disabilities, and put the tag #nemoli.

“If you, like me, do not want to remain indifferent to the discrimination, I suggest you to put your voice to the petition urging force of Mr. Owen’s public apology, as well as to discourage others from wanting to humiliate those who are not able to stand up for themselves. Already collected more than 6319 votes, in order for the instrument took effect, still need 1181 voice. Sign the petition”, said the supermodel.

By the way, a few days ago Natalia Vodianova was posted in “Instagram” video in support of world day of disseminating information about autism in which he told that autism is not a hindrance to study, to work, to make friends, to be happy and to enjoy life.

Today we are in blue, and you? The campaign “light it up blue” takes place April 2 in the most different corners of our planet in support of world day of disseminating information about autism. She was launched in solidarity with people with autism and their families, as well as to attract the attention of opinion leaders and ordinary citizens to the problems of autism. Today you all can join and also help to draw attention to this topic. #2апреля #sergisinin @nakedheartfoundation

Video published Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) APR 2 2016 3:55 PDT

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